Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New-Release Tuesday

There are two big new ones out today in my world, one by Liam Finn and the other by Apples in Stereo. I have written about both ad nauseum. So, I'll direct you here and here so you can read up and download samples.

Another happy little release today is by the two Johns... otherwise known as They Might Be Giants. This is not one of their quirky rockers. Instead, it's another one of their children's albums. 'Here Comes the Science' follows 'Here Come the ABCs' (2005) and 'Here Come the 123s' (2008). This one is not so much for the pre-K crowd. I'm thinking this record works well with about a second or third grader. The songs are fun and catchy, as usual, but these are a little more educational. My favorite part is that they rerecorded "Why Does the Sun Shine?" and followed it up with the song "Why Does the Sun Really Shine?" because they got the science all wrong the first time around. That won't happen this time. Eric Siegel of the New York Hall of Science was a consultant on all of the songs. Don't worry, TMBG fans. The boys are putting the final touches on more adult fare that should be out soon.

They Might Be Giants (By Danny Weinkauf) - I Am a Paleontologist (mp3)

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