Monday, September 14, 2009

Remastered Beatles Race Up the UK Charts

So, this week's UK album charts were just released, and it's a Beatles bonanza. There is no scientific polling to back it up, but these numbers are an interesting look at how fans rank the Fab Four's catalog. Four of the remastered albums made the Top 10, and all but three of their albums are in the Top 50. Here's a quick look. It will be interesting to see if we Yanks differ from the Brits when the American charts are out later this week.

UK Album Chart (numbers represent rank)
5. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
6. Abbey Road
9. Revolver
10. Rubber Soul
21. The Beatles (White Album)
29. Help!
31. Past Masters
33. Magical Mystery Tour
37. A Hard Day's Night
38. Please Please Me
49. Let It Be
51. With the Beatles
56. Beatles for Sale
89. Yellow Submarine

Also, the two new complete box sets (stereo and mono) also charted as No. 24 and No. 57, respectfully. One thing is for sure. Not that many seem interested in hearing Lennon bark on "Hey Bulldog".

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