Monday, September 28, 2009

Entire Albums Played at Concerts: Part 2

Last time, I listed 25 albums I would love to see performed in their entirety. Even if many of the bands I mentioned are no longer still together, all of the key members of the bands are still alive and kicking. Thus, all of the albums COULD be performed. Today's list is pure fantasy. As Cher once semi-sang, "If I could turn back time..." Here are the albums I wish I could have seen performed.

My Top 11 Albums at Concerts Wish List: Dead Edition
1. The Minutemen - 'Double Nickels on the Dime'
2. The Beatles - 'Rubber Soul'
3. The Cars - 'The Cars'
4. The Clash - London Calling
5. Go-Betweens - '16 Lovers Lane'
6. Ian Dury & The Blockheads - 'New Boots and Panties!!'
7. INXS - 'Listen Like Thieves'
8. The Exploding Hearts - 'Guitar Romantic'
9. Ramones - 'Ramones'
10. Epic Soundtracks - 'Rise Above'
11. Wilco - 'Summerteeth'

The Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic (mp3)
The Cars - My Best Friend's Girl (mp3)
Go-Betweens - Streets of Your Town (mp3)
INXS - What You Need (mp3)

There are three bands above still performing with an altered roster. Don't even try to tell me I could, in theory, still see 'Listen Like Thieves' sans Michael Hutchence. The same goes for 'The Cars'. The New Cars are a far cry from the days when Benjamin Orr was still alive. I respect Ric Ocasek's stance on never reuniting with Elliot Easton and Greg Hawkes, too. Finally, Wilco fans are probably confused with the band's appearance on this list, but I feel 'Summerteeth' should not be performed without Jay Bennett.

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