Friday, September 18, 2009

Fans Hit the Pavement and Other News

The Pavement reuniting rumor has been alive for almost this entire decade. Well, you can stop listening to the rumors because it's a fact. If you don't believe me, check out the matablog on the Matador Records site. The label says they will tour the world in 2010. The first of four shows in New York is already sold out. We have been told there are no plans for a new record, and this will not be a permanent arrangement. In other words, get a ticket!

Pavement - Major Leagues (demo) (mp3)

Spoon is giving their first four releases a "deluxe digital" release on Sept. 29. To whet your appetite, the band is giving you one song from each release right now. All you have to do is register at

Spoon - The Underdog (mp3)

The Flaming Lips paid Stephen Colbert a visit this week. They left him (and us) quite a present at Colbert Nation. You can stream 'Embryonic' in its entirety until Monday. Pick up the record on Oct. 13.

The Flaming Lips - Convinced Of The Hex (mp3)

Earlier this month, Bar None reissued The Feelies first two albums. The classic 1980 release 'Crazy Rhythms' and the 1986 followup 'The Good Earth' have been out of print for years, but now you can get them on CD and vinyl with a few additional surprises. Besides stellar sound, each record comes with a download card that entitles you to downloads of demos, B-sides and new live recordings. The only head scratcher is 'Crazy Rhythms' was pared down from ten songs to nine. Why no "Paint It Black"? The Beatles' cover is still on there.

The Feelies - Paint It Black (mp3)

The first single from Julian Casablancas' first solo album is out now. Don't expect "11th Dimension" to sound much like his work with The Strokes, but I'm very impressed with this one. 'Phrazes for the Young' will be out Oct. 20.

Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension (mp3)

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