Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Songs in Cinema: 'Doctor Detroit'

All this exciting news about Devo has me on a real kick. Now don't get me wrong, 'Doctor Detroit' might not be Devo's best moment, but I'm a real sucker for for bad '80s Dan Aykroyd vehicles and this song. Sure, he did 'Trading Places' and 'Ghostbusters', but give me these five on the tube at 3 o'clock in the morning before those blockbusters.

Top 5 "Bad" '80s Aykroyd Flicks
1. 'The Couch Trip'
2. 'Neighbors'
3. 'Doctor Detroit'
4. 'Spies Like Us'
5. 'Dragnet'

Devo - Theme From Doctor Detroit (mp3)

Besides Devo, the "Hardest Working Man in Show Business" also made an appearance in the film and on the soundtrack. Enjoy this clip of JB and the good doctor:

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