Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bluebells Bloom Again

You have to hand it to the music community. Bands continue to make lemonade from lemons during this pandemic with inspiring online lockdown performances and other inspiring ways to stay relevant and maybe make a buck or two. I pulled out some of my records from the Bluebells after this popped up the other day. Tip of the cap to Into Creative for coming up with an interesting way to highlight one of my favorite songs from my youth. Isn't it great to see the McCluskeys and Bobby together again... even if it is apart?

This was also a good excuse to reminisce and pull out this photo of yours truly meeting a Bluebell on a sweet day in Glasgow with friends from around the world.

Some Sweet Day

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Mitch Easter!

For a moment, let's pretend this is just another Easter. We always celebrate with something from our aptly-named musical hero. This year, let's go back to the label compilation Alan Betrock's Shake Records put out in 1981. 'Shake to Date' features, among others, the second-ever A-side from the dB's, solo material from that band's own Peter Holsapple and a couple from Richard Hell & the Voidoids. Here's one of two songs Mitch contributed...

Prying Eyes

I would be remiss if not mentioning since last Easter Mr. Easter was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. Here's a nice bio that organization put together for the occasion. Belated congratulations, Mitch!