Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Listen: Air

You may recall two months ago Air released the viral single "Do the Joy" from their upcoming album 'Love 2'. I was so excited... until I heard it. Here's what I said on July 8:

Uh-oh. I just heard the first single from Air's 'Love 2', and it was not quite what I was expecting. As you know from my preview a couple of weeks ago, I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. I have enjoyed the mature sound of the last couple of albums much more than the '10,000 Hz Legend' and, to a lesser extent, 'Moon Safari' songs from their youth. I made the assumption (wrongly, it appears), the French duo would continue to move in that direction. Perhaps it's a midlife crisis.

Well, the first official single from 'Love 2' is out now, and the song sounds much more like an evolutionary step to follow the mellow and mature albums 'Pocket Symphony' and 'Talkie Walkie'. What a relief! I'm looking forward to the Oct. 6 release again. Check out the new music video, and sample the tune below.

Air - Sing Sang Sung (mp3)

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