Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cover Me Impressed: 'Everybody's Talkin''

You may not know the fella pictured above, but you do know a folk song he wrote in 1966 about a man's disconnection with the rest of the world. The beautiful and haunting "Everybody's Talkin'" would, of course, become an international smash when Nilsson covered it in 1968 on his 'Aerial Ballet' album and became the theme song to the 1969 film 'Midnight Cowboy.' I just watched the movie again the other night. Although it clearly hasn't aged well (especially the far-out party scene near the end), the song is an absolute classic that will always stand the test of time. Quite a few musicians must think so, too. There are more than 100 known covers. Here are a few of my favorites. If you like the song as much as I do, you may want to check out this blog post from back in September by Cover Lay Down. Thankfully, I didn't overlap with this writer's selections too much.

Fred Neil - Everybody's Talkin' (mp3)
Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin' (mp3)
The Beautiful South - Everybody's Talkin' (mp3)
Crowded House - Everybody's Talkin' (mp3)
Matthew Sweet - Everybody's Talkin' (mp3)

A couple of quick notes: The Nilsson version is from an excellent two-disc set called 'Personal Best: The Harry Nilsson Anthology.' If you are a novice, this is a great place to start. If you aren't familiar with the Beautiful South, that's the band Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway started after the underrated Housemartins disbanded in 1988. The Housemartins deserve a post of their own here soon. The Crowded House version was recorded in 2007 on Australian television. You can watch the performance here. Matthew Sweet's version is an outtake from his work on the 'My Name Is Earl' soundtrack. It eventually appeared on this Shout! Factory sampler. Last (but not least), you can buy the original Neil take here.

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The Soundtrack Is All Right

Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations are reserved for Mrs. Linear Tracking Lives! and I to catch up on all of the films we have wanted to see during the year. We go to the movie theater all of the time, but it's for flicks like 'How to Train Your Dragon,' 'Toy Story 3' and the like. That's just where Mommy and Daddy are right now, but we do like to be grownups, too. So, we fired up the DVD player and crossed two films off the list this past weekend with 'Please Give' and 'The Kids Are All Right.' Both were worth the wait. I assumed I would be at least a little disappointed with 'Kids' because, frankly, I couldn't imagine it would live up to the critics' praise. I was wrong. Several of the performances should be remembered at awards time.

LTL! is about music, however, and I want to highlight the excellent soundtrack. The opening credits are accompanied by Vampire Weekend's "Cousins." I don't know about you, but thanks to the 'Saturday Night Live' appearances and the Tommy Hilfiger commercials and the car ads and the seemingly endless plays on horrible radio stations... I have lost all zeal for this band. So, needless to say, this was not a good start. Then, something wonderful happened. I heard a few seconds of one of my favorite early David Bowie songs, "Panic in Detroit." More Bowie followed, as well Deerhoof and X. By the time MGMT closed the film I realized this was potentially the best soundtrack I had heard this year... if all of the songs actually made the cut.

A quick search showed that, indeed, a couple of the best songs in the film didn't make the soundtrack. Still, if you don't have many of these songs, this record is worth $10. In order, here is a complete list of the songs used in 'The Kids Are All Right.' It makes for a nice mix. The songs with an asterisk are the ones that can be found on the soundtrack. Buy the soundtrack here. I'll also include a couple of my personal favorites.

Deerhoof - Milk Man (mp3)
David Bowie - Panic in Detroit (mp3) This file was removed by the powers that be.

Vampire Weekend - "Cousins"
Leon Russell - "Out in the Woods"*
Tom Hirschmann - "Tailgating"
Tame Impala - "Sundown Syndrome"*
David Bowie - "Panic in Detroit"
David Bowie - "Win"*
Deerhoof - "Milk Man"*
Trespeso - "A Matar En La Disco"
Quadron - "Slippin"*
Tom Hirschmann - "Red Handed"
David Bowie - "Black Country Rock"*
Deerhoof - "Blue Cash"*
X - "The New World"*
Uh Huh Her - "Same High"*
Fever Ray - "When I Grow Up (D Lissvik Remix)"*
Ge-ology featuring Yukimi Nagano - "Blues Alley"*
Gabor Szabo - "Galatea's Guitar"*
Little Dragon - "Fortune"
Betty Wright - "Good Lovin'"*
Joni Mitchell - "All I Want"*
CSS - "Knife"*
MGMT - "The Youth"*

Friday, November 26, 2010

Curtain Call: Elvis Costello (4/12/79)

You've got to give it up for the Italians. They know how to assemble a good bootleg. For whatever reason, most of my Costello shows have come from "The Boot," and this one, 'I Stand Accused,' is no exception. Every time I listen to it I think, ah, if I could turn back time, this is the show I would attend. Sadly, Cher and I don't have the power. Contrary to the information on the back cover, Costello and the Attractions made this stop at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Penn., on April 12, 1979 (not Lehigh Community College).

The sound on 'I Stand Accused' is raw and a little high on the treble, but I have always been able to get past these issues since the stellar tracklist is matched only by the band's sneers. I love Costello's disdain. "Look at that lot over there," he bellows at the students. "Not a doctor's degree among 'em." Amazingly, some of these lads weren't standing near the end of the show. "We'll give you all a big drum roll, and then you can stand up after the drum roll. Will that make you all feel better?" Then there is my favorite. During the encore, just before "Pump It Up," he yells "watch out!" As the song ends and he goes into the finale of "You Belong to Me," he screams "watch out or we will taunt you a second time!" Gotta love the British sense of humor.

Now a bit about today's songs. "Rhodette's Song" is a cover of a very early Ian Dury tune that's actually called "The Roadette Song." OK, so the Italians aren't into details. It was originally released in 1975 when Dury was in a band called Kilburn and the High-Roads. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned 'Get Happy!!' was nearly a new-wave record? "High Fidelity" will give you a taste of what I meant. "Accidents Will Happen," as Costello says, was the band's new single in America. The rest of the songs I selected are here because of the enthusiasm to which they were performed. I'm not sure these guys ever sounded better.

1. I Stand Accused
2. Goon Squad
3. Two Little Hitlers
4. B Movie
5. Oliver's Army
6. Girls Talk
7. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
8. Green Shirt
9. Opportunity
10. Tiny Steps
11. The Beat
12. Rhodette's Song (mp3)
13. High Fidelity (mp3)
14. Accidents Will Happen(mp3)
15. Watching The Detectives
16. Big Boys
17. Radio, Radio (mp3)
18. Pump It Up (mp3)
19. You Belong To Me (mp3)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Curtain Call: Elvis Costello (9/22/94)

Prior to 1994, I had the privilege to see Elvis Costello a number of times, but the Japanese leg of the Brutal Youth Tour was very special to me because it marked the first time I ever saw Costello perform with the Attractions. As you know, Costello and his famed band went their separate ways after 'Blood and Chocolate' in 1986. So, this was a huge deal. In fact, I would only get to see Costello with the Attractions once more -- at the Capital Ballroom in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 9, 1996 -- before Bruce Thomas was gone for good. For the record, I saw the boys eight days after this show. It was in Osaka at Festival Hall, their final Japanese stop. I got the feeling they were ready to go, too. There was no opening band, and they actually started a little early. How often does a band even begin on time?

My Costello fandom was at an all-time high in '94. Not only was I enjoying 'Brutal Youth,' but this was right in the middle of the Ryko reissues. Seems silly now with the umpteen reissues that would follow, but I was buying them all as quickly as I could. There were about 2,700 very well-behaved fans in attendance that politely applauded when appropriate and never considered standing until the show had nearly concluded. That was in complete contrast to the standing-room only general-admission show I attended in D.C., but that's another story.

So, back to the bootleg. 'Brilliant Parade' is a whopping 29-song two-disc soundboard recording from Tokyo's Kosei Nenkin Hall. I have read quite a few reviews of these discs, and the so-called "audiologists" out there with the time and knowledge to grade such things always seem to rate this one highly. The crowd noise is almost non-existent, and it's easy to forget they are there. It gives this record a live in the studio feel.

As for the six (or seven) songs I have selected to share, I chose "Sulky Girl" because it's my favorite song from 'Brutal Youth.' "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror," Brilliant Mistake" and "So Like Candy" are here because I think there is a pretty good chance you haven't heard the Attractions perform them since they didn't appear on the studio versions. I have also included "Uncomplicated" from 'Blood and Chocolate' and another 'Brutal Youth' single that leads into one of the band's all-time crowd pleasers.

Disc 1:
1. Pony St.
2. Waiting for The End Of The World
3. Beyond Belief
4. Sulky Girl (mp3)
5. London's Brilliant Parade
6. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (mp3)
7. Oliver's Army
8. You'll Never Be A Man
9. Temptation
10. New Lace Sleeves
11. Clown Strike
12. Kinder Murder
13. Shabby Doll
14. Rocking Horse Road
15. Brilliant Mistake (mp3)

Disc 2:
1. So Like Candy (mp3)
2. This Year's Girl
3. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
4. Mystery Dance
5. You Belong To Me
6. 13 Steps Lead Down/Radio Radio (mp3)
7. Favourite Hour
8. Uncomplicated (mp3)
9. Lipstick Vogue
10. Watching The Detectives
11. Little Triggers
12. Alison
13. Peace, Love And Understanding
14. Pump It Up

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

XTC's 'Skylarking' Gets Old Treatment

I have been waiting for this one since XTC's Andy Partridge announced it this past June. The 1986 classic 'Skylarking' is out today as a double LP played at 45rpm. Even if you already own 'Skylarking' on CD, this is one of those rare reissues when you should purchase it again. Partrige's own Ape Records is in charge of the clean up, and here is what they had to say about why you need this new version:

In the course of world renowned mastering engineer John Dents work on preparing the new double vinyl set of XTC's Skylarking for release, an interesting and wonderful thing has been discovered. John has informed us that that somewhere in the chain from Todd Rundgren's Utopia sound studio and London's Master room studio, way back in 1986, a fault has occurred that means all of the versions of Skylarking you've ever heard, on CD or vinyl, have sounded...how shall we put this?... wrong.

How can this be I hear you think, sounds fine to me?

The band themselves always had a nagging doubt that the album sounded a little too thin and bass light, not like they remembered it sounding from the recording process. Well, what John has identified is that the previous vinyl and CD's {including the flashy US Fidelity version unfortunately} have been manufactured with their sound polarity reversed. In laymans terms this mix up means that sound waves that should be pushing out from your speakers are actually pulling them back and projecting from the rear. Something as simple as a wrongly wired XLR plug in Todd's studio or the Master room would have resulted in this sound mishap. Making the record sound distant and thinner. He has identified that the original tapes appear in very good condition and with this problem now rectified APE will be able to present to you shortly a splendid double deep vinyl cut of this classic XTC album as it was intended to sound, but never has done due to human error.

On top of correcting the audio gaffe, the original artwork (see above) banned by the label will finally see the light of day. Ape also says for the first time the tracks lost in the shuffle between the British and American versions will be reunited, meaning both "Dear God" and "Mermaid Smiled" are "in their proper places at last." So, let's get to the bottom line. There are no extra bells or whistles. There are no bonus tracks, demos, etc. This is simply 'Skylarking' as it always should have been. It's retailing for about $45. That's a bit steep, to be sure. Sounds like a good Christmas present to me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Curtain Call: Elvis Costello (10/17/83)

Curtain Call is an occasional series where I present one of my favorite live albums. This submission was inspired by the recent releases of classic Elvis Costello shows by the Hip-O label. I have quite a collection of Costello concerts, and this week I'm going to share songs from a from a few of my favorites. Today's tunes are taken from 'Riot Act,' an Oct. 17, 1983, show from London's Hammersmith Palais. It was originally broadcast on BBC radio and is rumored to be one of Hip-O's future releases. 'Punch the Clock'-era Costello is not normally a fan favorite, but I really like it. The additions of the TKO Horns and Afrodiziac on back-up vocals gave shows from this tour a sound never found again with the Attractions. This is Costello without venom, balls or whatever you want to call it. Just enjoy it for what it is... unapologetic pop.

Here are three songs from 'Punch the Clock,' as well as "Man Out Of Time" from 'Imperial Bedroom.' Finally, I have included a rousing rendition of "Clowntime Is Over" from the 'Get Happy!!' period. Actually, this live version is closer to "Clowntime Is Over No. 2." The studio version can be found on deluxe editions of the 1980 album. It is, in my opinion, the best moment from the set. I still get goosebumps near the end of the song, when the horns burst in after Costello's repeated "Clowntime! Clowntime! Clowntime!" vocal. Be sure to give that one a listen.

1. Let Them All Talk (mp3)
2. Possession
3. Watch Your Step
4. The Greatest Thing
5. Man Out Of Time (mp3)
6. Shabby Doll
7. From Head To Toe
8. Charm School (mp3)
9. Oliver's Army
10. Shipbuilding
11. The World And His Wife
12. Alison/Living A Little, Laughing A Little
13. Clowntime Is Over (mp3)
14. Everyday I Write The Book (mp3)
15. TKO (Boxing Day)
Bonus Tracks:
16. Psycho (London, June 6, 1981)
17. Back Stabbers/King Horse (Austin, Texas, Sept. 7, 1983)

Friday, November 19, 2010

New EP From Jim Noir

I have some catching up to do. Manchester's own Jim Noir released the four-song EP 'Melody Junction' as a free download from his Web site this past summer, and I completely missed it because that was during my move from Chicago to Seattle. I have a widget for that one down below (in case you're also tardy). Earlier this week the eccentric Noir released another EP. This one is a six-song affair you have to purchase, but he did give us one song, "Car," as a freebie. Download that tune below, and buy 'Zooper Dooper' here.

For the record, I consider Noir's first two albums must purchases. This is especially true of his 2005 debut, 'Tower of Love.' It's a brilliant piece of pop. It's a little bit lo-fi and, yet, there are times it seems complex and like something right out of the best of the Beach Boys' songbook. If you are asking yourself how that's possible, give "Turbulent Weather" a try. It was No. 30 on my list of the last decade's best tracks. I hate to single out this one song when so many others would fit the bill. Just pick up the album and put on "My Patch" or "Key of C." You won't be disappointed.

Jim Noir - Car (mp3)
Jim Noir - Turbulent Weather (mp3)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cover Me Impressed: 'What Goes On'

"What Goes On" is taken from the Feelies' 1988 major-label debut, 'Only Life.' This isn't considered their best of a brief four-album career, but it's my favorite. I think it's because 'Only Life' was my introduction to the band. Thus, the album is the one I have played (by far) the most. The Feelies have laid down a few very good covers, but I always felt like this Velvet Underground classic was meant for them. There's just something about that guitar work in the VU original that screams "FEELIES!"

If you're a Feelies fan, the past couple of years have been exciting. After opening for Sonic Youth at New York's Battery Park on July 4, 2008, the band has since played a couple of other shows, including one last year at my old stomping grounds. Their first two albums were reissued by Bar/None last year as well, but the really good news surfaced a few weeks ago when we learned they are in the studio working on a new album for Bar/None that should be out in the spring. We haven't had any new music by the Feelies since 'Time for a Witness' in 1991. So, yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

The Feelies - What Goes On (mp3)
The Velvet Underground - What Goes On (mp3)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Return of British Sea Power

British Sea Power have been busy. Earlier this year we got the excellent "Zeus" EP, and now there is news the band's next full-length album, Valhalla Dancehall,' will be out Jan. 10, 2011, via Rough Trade. To celebrate, for the price of an email address, the lads have given us all a sneak listen to the the first single, "Living Is So Easy." The song will be officially available for digital download on Nov. 29. The 13-track record will not include "Zeus." So, I'll include that one below. It's clear British Sea Power will never return to the hard sounds of their critically-acclaimed debut, 'The Decline of British Sea Power,' but I have really dug the more "mature" take of their last couple of LPs.

British Sea Power - Zeus (mp3)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Has Duran Duran Returned to Roots?

I'm not a big fan of promoting a song snippet. I resisted the idea this past summer when we got a brief listen to Duran Duran's "Blame the Machine." It was easy since I didn't think the song was that great anyway. In a complete reversal, I'm sending you over to Spinner to listen to a sample of "All You Need Is Now," the upcoming single from Duran Duran's album of the same name. Producer Mark Ronson seems to have captured the band's signature sound, circa 1981. Cross your fingers. The current lineup, in case you were wondering, is John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon. The song will be sold exclusively by iTunes beginning Dec. 14, and then the nine-track album hits the downloading service one week later. The physical album won't be out until February. Rhodes also tells Spinner there will be a music video for each of the album's nine songs. Now that's old-school Duran Duran.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crenshaw Turns 57 and Goes Turntable

First off, happy birthday to Marshall Crenshaw. Turns out, however, we are the ones about to get a gift. When it comes to making new music, Crenshaw freely admits he has difficulty staying motivated. That's why he's had such long gaps between albums. So, he has self-imposed deadlines for his next project and -- woo-hoo! -- it's an all-vinyl venture. According to Holly Hughes of blogcritics.org, Crenshaw will release six 7" singles over the next two years. I imagine a fair number of you gave up on Crenshaw sometime around 'Downtown.' As someone who has anxiously awaited for every one of his releases and has seen him on stage more than just about any artist, I obviously think those of you in that camp have made a big mistake. Here's an absolute pop gem from 1996 that I hope will bring you back into the fold.

Marshall Crenshaw - There and Back Again (mp3)

Pretty great, eh? Now go buy 'Miracle of Science' or his latest, 'Jaggedland.'

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cover Me Impressed: 'Sad About Girls'

The other day, when we listened to the cover that almost didn't qualify as a cover (because Johnny Marr appeared on both versions), it got me thinking about 'Sad About Girls.' The following cover (again) barely qualifies. Let me explain.

If you have ever listened to any live sets from Elvis Costello & the Attractions, circa 1979, you no doubt heard that the new songs slated for the followup to 'Armed Forces' were new-wave affairs. After a short time in the studio, Costello realized this and scrapped the dated sound for something more closely related to Stax and Motown for what would eventually be 'Get Happy!!'

Meanwhile, in 1980, the Attractions decided to go ahead with an album sans Costello that sounded quite a bit like the new-wave songs they performed on tour the previous year. The result was 'Mad About the Wrong Boy.' If you're a big fan of the Attractions, you may want to pick up the LP. It's quite a curiosity. How often do you get to hear Steve Nieve or Bruce Thomas take lead vocals? All in all, I wouldn't say it's a great album, but I imagine I like it better than most Costello fans. Nieve wrote the bulk of the tunes, but Bruce and Pete Thomas should be given full credit for one of the best songs of the lot, 'La La La La La Loved You.' There are a handful of songs credited to the mysterious team of Brain/Hart. I have read over the years that the duo is Nieve and his wife, poet Fay Hart.

One of the Brain/Hart songs is the aforementioned 'Sad About Girls.' Costello must have liked that one a bit because he later recorded a version with the band in 1981 during the 'Trust' sessions. Although the song didn't make the album, there are a couple of 'Trust' reissues that have 'Sad About Girls' as a bonus song. I took the one below from my 1994 Ryko version. It's a nice piece of songwriting, but I must apologize to Nieve and humbly bow to the the later version performed by Costello & the Attractions.

The Attractions - Sad About Girls (mp3)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Sad About Girls (mp3)

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Crowded Household Enjoyed Crowded House

I'm at that stage when it's almost impossible to go see a band. I was fortunate enough to take in the Pixies performing 'Dootliitle' last year because Mrs. Linear Tracking Lives! got me the tickets for my birthday and set up the babysitter well in advance. Since then live experiences have been almost non-existent.

There are, however, rare times when the venue is friendly enough that the entire family can go and enjoy the music. The criteria to pull that off is as follows: 1) it has to be early in the evening, 2) outdoors and at a place where you can bring captain's chairs or spread out a blanket picnic style in a general-admission area and 3) it needs to be an older band with equally mature fans willing to bring kids along.

I have seen a few shows within that scenario, but none have been better than when I saw Crowded House on Aug. 28 at the beautiful Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, Washington. I won't dwell on the setting, but suffice it to say the mountains, trees and sunset were like a postcard to this Evergreen State newbie. The 24-song setlist was a nice mix of old favorites and new songs from their latest, 'Intriguer.' It was about three songs in that the inevitable happened.

Why is it that no matter the show you always end up by at least one obnoxious clown? It's usually a non-stop talker, texter or video-taking junkie, but this guy was even worse. For obvious reasons we set up camp in the back, but there was one douche that squeezed in behind us, paced and incessantly screamed his one request. In a thick London East End accent he yelled, "SPLIT ENZ! SPLIT ENZ!" As the show continued he got louder and more irritated. "NEIL, PLAY SOME SPLIT ENZ!!" By the encore he was ready to pound somebody. "NEIL, FOR CHRIST SAKE... SPLIIIIIIT EEEEENZ!!!" I'll be damned if his wish wasn't finally granted. Before breaking into "History Never Repeats," Neil Finn claimed Crowded House had never played this one before. The band followed up that one with "I Got You." It was an unforgettable moment. Perhaps I owed this bloody Brit an apology. The show concluded with a lengthy take of "Better Be Home Soon." Finn asked the crowd to join in. "NEIL, THIS IS AMERICA! THEY DON'T SING!" The apology I made up in my mind was immediately rescinded.

So, you may be asking yourself, why is this bloke going on about a concert he saw back in the summer? I have a good answer. I went into the show owning all but one Crowded House album. I had not yet bought their latest. Hearing several songs from 'Intriguer' that night should have inspired me to get it, but it wasn't until I came across it for $5 at a used record store in Seattle two weeks ago that I finally made the purchase. That's shameful because, contrary to lukewarm reviews across the globe, I think it's brilliant. I can't stop listening to the following deep track. If you like it, buy the record now. You may also enjoy a live song from their double-disc set 'Farewell to the World.'

Crowded House - Either Side of the World (mp3)
Crowded House - Better Be Home Soon (mp3)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cover Me Impressed: 'There Is A Light...'

With a catalog as stellar as the Smiths, it's tough to state a particular song as being the band's best, but Simon Goddard, author of the 2003 book 'The Smiths: Songs That Saved Your Life,' wrote that "in a straw poll among Smiths fans today, 'There Is a Light That Never Goes Out' would more than likely still come out victorious." There have been a few bands brave enough to take a stab at the classic, including the Lucksmiths, the Magic Numbers, the Divine Comedy and Death Cab For Cutie. Of that lot, I can recommend the Divine Comedy's take. I believe only Neil Finn's live version -- taken from the 2001 album '7 Worlds Collide' -- is in the same league as the original song from the Smiths' 1986 album 'The Queen Is Dead.'

This is as good a time as any to add the caveat that Finn had a lot of help with the song. So much so, in fact, it's almost cheating to call it a cover. You see, Johnny Marr, guitarist for the Smiths, performed with Finn during the show recorded at the St. James Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. Other notable friends on stage for the song include Lisa Germano on violin and Phil Selway of Radiohead behind the kit. Here is the original song (ripped from my vinyl), as well as the only cover that has nailed it. Also, check out a couple of videos I dug up for the occasion. More on Mr. Finn next time. Enjoy.

The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (mp3)
Neil Finn - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (mp3)

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Releases: Eno, Costello and More

Get out and vote! After you've pulled the lever, head over to your local record shop for these LPs out today. LTL! isn't a democracy, however. I only give you the records I think are good.

For the second time in as many weeks, I get to mention the great Brian Eno. He showed up on Bryan Ferry's latest, 'Olympia,' and today Eno releases 'Small Craft On A Milk Sea,' his first new record in five years (album cover above). This one is for fans of 'Music for Airports.' You can stream three songs before you buy it.

Elvis Costello teamed up with T Bone Burnett in 1985 for 'King of America.' Throughout the ensuing years that has consistently been my second favorite Costello record of all time. (In case your curious, 'Get Happy!' always tops my list.) Costello and Burnett have worked together a couple of times since then, and here they are again with 'National Ransom.' With all of the guest spots and genre hopping, this one reminds me of 'King of America.' Both of his recent bands -- the Imposters and the Sugarcanes -- are here, as well as Vince Gill, Jerry Douglas, Marc Ribot and Buddy Miller. Here are a couple of live takes from the new one. If you like what you see and hear, buy it here.

On the reissue front, the Jam's catalog continues to get the deluxe edition treatment with 'Sound Affects.' The 1980 album is a must. It features the UK No. 1 "Start!" as and fan favorite "That's Entertainment." For those of you who own the 'Direction Reaction, Creation' box set, this release isn't a big deal. If you have the B-sides collection 'Extras,' it is a little more important to get this two-disc set. As for me, I don't have the Jam's take on the "Waterloo Sunset," and that is my absolute favorite Kinks tune. So, I'm in. There are more than 20 bonus tracks in all, and eight of them have never been released. Here is a look at disc two, as well as the video for "That's Entertainment." You can buy 'Sound Affects: Deluxe Edition' on the other side of the pond today, or you can pre-order here and sit for a week. We Americans don't like to wait, but I would cast a vote for patience.

Demos, B-Sides and Alternate Versions:
1. Start!
2. Liza Radley
3. That’s Entertainment
4. Pretty Green
5. Pop Art Poem
6. Rain
7. Boy About Town
8. Dream Time
9. Dead End Street
10. But I’m Different Now
11. Scrapeaway
12. Start!
13. Liza Radley
14. And Your Bird Can Sing
15. Monday
16. Get Yourself Together
17. Set The House Ablaze
18. Boy About Town
19. No One In The World
20. Instrumental
21. Waterloo Sunset