Friday, June 29, 2012

Plant Yourself for Some Early Orchids

It's tough to pick my favorite band from the Sarah stable, but there is no doubt the Orchids would make the short list. My entire basis for choosing them would be the Scottish band's first three singles and the 1989 debut album 'Lyceum.' Gotta love LTM, one of the all-time great reissuing labels, for releasing all of that work on one CD back in 2005. That's the original eight song 10", as well as 12 songs worth of A-sides and B-sides from 1988-1990. Here's the album opener and the third single. That should be just enough to get you to buy this nearly perfect piece of pop.

The Orchids - It's Only Obvious (mp3)
The Orchids - What Will We Do Next (mp3)

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