Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get to Know Marshall Crenshaw's Little Bro

The recent news of Marshall's vinyl subscription series has me on a big Crenshaw kick, and that includes the work of his younger brother, Robert. You may remember him as the drummer on Marshall's early albums, but Robert has put together a respectable trio of records in his own right. His sophomore effort,
'Victory Songs,' is a more polished piece of work, but I feel like his debut album, 'Full Length Stereo Recordings,' is the real charmer. Honestly, there is a not a bad song in the batch. His vocals sound quite a bit like his older and more famous sibling, but there is certainly nothing wrong with that now, is there? Here are a couple of my favorites from his first album. My goodness, is this set already 13 years old? Fortunately for you, Gadfly Records still has it in print. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Robert Crenshaw - All I Want to Do Is Be With You (mp3)
Robert Crenshaw - Nobody Wins (mp3)

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