Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Altered Beast' B-Sides and Bonus Tracks

In some circles, Matthew Sweet's followup to the hugely successful 'Girlfriend' was a disappointment. I'm not in that camp. When 'Altered Beast' was released -- in the summer of 1993 -- I had just graduated from college and was delaying adulthood with every fiber of my being. I knew I was moving to Japan in the fall, but that entire summer entailed playing golf and working at a record store. I think I gave 'Altered Beast' a spin every time I worked. I bought the CD singles associated with the record, and the first album I bought when I got off the plane in East Asia was the Japanese edition... just so I could have two bonus songs.

As for Sweet's post-'Altered Beast' career, I admit it has been an up-and-down affair, but I could easily fill a Maxell XLII 90 with fantastic highlights from his more recent material. All in all, Sweet has put in a strong 25-plus years, and he will always be one of my favorites.

Note: If you already own the 1994 EP 'Son of Altered Beast,' you don't need the "Ultrasuede" download from the selections below. It's the same version found there.

Non-album tracks from Australian "Time Capsule" single
Matthew Sweet - Speed of Light (mp3)
Matthew Sweet - Thing (mp3)

Non-album tracks from "The Ugly Truth" single
Matthew Sweet - Born in Sin (mp3)
Matthew Sweet - Ultrasuede (mp3)

Bonus tracks from Japanese edition of 'Altered Beast'
Matthew Sweet - Genie (The Second Coming) (mp3)
Matthew Sweet - Swan Song (mp3)

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