Friday, June 8, 2012

Camera Obscura's Ode to San Fran Friends

Here's a cool tune (and deep track) from Glasgow's Camera Obscura. It's said to be a tribute to their pals, San Francisco band the Aislers Set. The song was originally on the 2004 EP 'Keep It Clean,' but it also showed up that year on the must-have compilation 'Old Enough 2 Know Better: 15 Years of Merge Records.' If you don't already own this one, it's a 61-song set comprised of Merge classics on the first two discs, followed by a third disc of rare and previously released tracks. When it was physically in print, the price was a ridiculously cheap $14. I felt like I was getting the birthday present. I play this one as a walk up to some great songs from the Aislers Set that I'll get to next week.

Camera Obscura - San Francisco Song (mp3)

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