Friday, April 15, 2011

Joy Formidable and Yuck Beat the Buzz

I tend to shy away from the blogosphere's "it" bands, as anointed by the folks at Pitchfork and several other places. As a music lover that rebelled against commercial rock and pop from an early age, it is in my psyche to dislike bands that everyone else likes... even at the indie level. It has probably been at my peril since sometimes the bands can be quite good. I know that it's stupid, but I can't help it. In spite of my sour ways, every once in a while an act that fits into this category breaks through my armour. Congratulations to the Joy Formidable. Despite their critical and commercial success, I have become one of the masses following the Welsh trio. Yes, I'm now a statistic. If you like the song below, go out and get 'The Big Roar.' It's bound to get consideration for my album of the year.

The Joy Formidable - Whirring (mp3)

There is another "it" band out there that almost has me, but my repelling powers are strong. Let's start with their name... Yuck. Just rolls off the tongue, eh? Two of the members of this English band used to be in another group I sort of dug a few years ago called Cajun Dance Party. They didn't sound much like Dinosaur Jr. then, but this new incarnation sure does. In fact, they sound like several bands I was into as a lad. I think I like -- but don't love -- Yuck because not only have I heard this sound before, but I'm hearing it again by too many new bands. If you listen to as much music as I do, it all starts to sound the same after a while. Having said that, here is an absolutely crackin' tune from them below. Their self-titled debut can be bought here. If curiosity has gotten the better of you, try this song from Cajun Dance Party, too. It was written when they were still in high school. What were you doing at age 15?

Yuck - Get Away (mp3)
Cajun Dance Party - The Next Untouchable (mp3)

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