Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Even More New Releases This Week

For the first time in a while, I'm excited about a new-release Tuesday. On top of the new ones we have already read about -- the Feelies, Vivian Girls and Paul Simon -- there are a couple of others more than worthy of mention.

Slumberland has done it again. One of the label's rising stars, Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts, wowed me late last year with the "Shake the Shackles" single. In fact, the moody rant seemingly came from nowhere to become my seventh-favorite track of 2010. Well, now that track is part of a full-length album out today called 'In Love With Oblivion,' and that song was a great peek at what to expect from these noise popsters. Check out their latest song below, and order the album now.

Crystal Stilts - Through the Floor (mp3)

Bell X1 aren't exactly a household name here in America, but they are "it" boys in their native land of Ireland. It's about time for them to make a splash on this side of the pond. Their new album, 'Bloodless Coup,' might be the one to make you realize there is more to their country than U2. (Actually, with My Bloody Valentine, the High Llamas, the Divine Comedy and the Undertones, to name a few, I hope you know that already). They used to get compared to Talking Heads quite a bit, but I don't hear that influence much these days. Still, I'm digging this single from the new one quite a bit. Order 'Bloodless Coup.'

Bell X1 - Velcro (mp3)

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