Friday, April 8, 2011

Paul Simon's New LP Is 'So Beautiful'

If asked, I would say the Brian Wilson/Paul Simon double bill from 2001 was the best show I have ever seen. (Frank Sinatra would be a close second.) As far as Simon solo albums are concerned, I rank his top 3 like this:

1. 'Paul Simon'
2. 'Graceland'
3. 'The Rhythm of the Saints'

So, as you can see, I'm really into his adopted sounds from the "dark continent." That's why I'm so excited when, this Tuesday, Simon releases his 12th solo album, 'So Beautiful or So What.' Although a little less South African in tone than his 1986 and 1990 albums, the roots of those two classics can be found on his new LP... as the video below for "The Afterlife" will attest. I was very disappointed in his last effort, the Brian Eno produced 'Surprise,' and I have waited five long years for Simon to redeem himself.

It's great to see that the nearly 70 year old is getting much-deserved accolades as well. Check out this glowing review of the album from Rolling Stone. I don't know if it's because of his "mature" age or what, but you can't help but notice themes of God, angels and the meaning of it all. Still, it's delivered in that patented Simon way that doesn't take you to a dark place. Preorder 'So Beautiful or So What' now. And just a heads up: You can already download this song on iTunes for $1.29.

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