Monday, April 25, 2011

Live INXS Still Shines Like It Does

As a kid, I was a huge fan of INXS. Artistically, I think the band's peak was the 'Listen Like Thieves' album from 1985. I hung on through 'Kick' in 1987. In fact, the only time I saw them live was during that tour. I don't know if it was all the fame and commercial success, my changing tastes or a slip in the quality of the work, but I never bought another record by them after that... until today. In yet another feeble attempt to capture a feeling from my youth, I spent a mere $5.99 on the just-released 11-song digital-only album 'Rocking the Royals.' The download chronicles INXS' Nov. 4, 1985 show at Melbourne Concert Hall during a royal visit to Australia by Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Although I would have paid more for a physical copy of the performance, I'm grateful iTunes has made this one available. Through the years, most of these songs here have been around as B-sides, but this is the first time you could get them all as a one-stop-shop experience. Many of my really early favorites are here, like "Dancing on the Jetty" and "Don't Change," but it's the 'Thieves'-era material that gets me giddy. A nearly 11-minute commentary of this special show by band members the Farriss brothers is also included. You can catch some of their thoughts below, as well as the full tracklist. Twenty-six years ago, but it feels like only yesterday. If you're an old guy like me, you understand.

1. Burn for You
2. Kiss the Dirt
3. Dancing on the Jetty
4. The One Thing
5. This Time
6. Shine Like It Does
7. Listen Like Thieves
8. What You Need
9. One X One
10. Original Sin
11. Don't Change
12. Farriss brothers commentary

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