Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is Bowie's 'Toy' Worth Your Time?

It has been nearly a month since David Bowie's unreleased 2001 album 'Toy' leaked online, and that's given me enough time to evaluate its importance in the artist's canon. As an uber fan, I'm elated that 'Toy' is finally available in any format. I want Bowie's complete discography... period. If I take a step back, however, I realize this is not essential Bowie.

These are rerecorded versions of some of Bowie's oldest songs, and some of these were recorded a third time for 'Heathen' and 'Heathen'-related B-sides. Among the 14 tracks on 'Toy,' the one song we had never heard before that really stands out is "Hole In The Ground." It's believed Bowie recorded a demo of this song around 1970. The 'Toy' recording fits in well with his late '90s/early '00s work. I think 'Heathen' is one of Bowie's strongest post-1980 albums. If you don't agree, you may not like "Hole in the Ground" or any of 'Toy.'

It has been eight long years since we have had a new studio album from the man. This fills a little of the hunger, but it's kind of like getting one plate at a tapas joint.

David Bowie - Hole In The Ground (mp3)

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