Wednesday, May 2, 2018

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter G, Part 12)

You will find all three albums from the Go-Go's in my music room, as well as a single or two and a double-disc odds-n-sods comp. Tough to deny I'm a fan. I made my girlfriend a bunch of mix tapes when she went away to college in 1989, and one of them had this song on it. Her cool roommate heard it and yelled "white bread!" That's a pretty apt description of the Go-Go's. I suppose their coolness factor begins and ends with the 1981 debut smash "Our Lips Are Sealed" being co-written by Jane Wiedlin and our hero Terry Hall. I get that. I also don't care. Their songs were fun and made me want to dance. Wiedlin was cute as a button to boot. Here's "Turn to You", from the 1984 album 'Talk Show'. It was the last of their five Top 40 hits over here, peaking at No. 32. Actually, I guess there is one more slightly cool tidbit. It's produced by Martin Rushent.

Turn to You


drew said...

"Wiedlin was cute as a button to boot", impossible to argue with that. You know sometimes music doesn't have to be cool to be good. I'll take dancing about like an eejit over standing at the bar trying to look enigmatic anyday of the week.

Charity Chic said...

Wieldlin a Go Go!

Swiss Adam said...

Yes, as you said and they said above me.

George said...

"made me want to dance"
And did you? I quite like this tune, Brian.