Wednesday, May 16, 2018

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter G, Part 13)

Better make this a quickie. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm on the clock with my Scritti Politti marathon. So many more from this letter, but I think I'll cap it at five more from G.

Goodly Thousands are not a band you would describe as prolific. The discography of these Irish lads can be boiled down to an extremely limited EP release in 2011 (50 copies), a double-A side 7" in 2011 (which was a re-recording of two songs from that first EP) and a follow-up four-song 7" EP in 2015. At least you can catch up quickly, and it's all quality. The band is so in my wheelhouse. Lots of jangle and sad-sack lyrics. The kind of tales that will make you think of Julian Henry, Harvey Williams and "Understand" era Brian. Take this litmus test to see whether you will find Goodly Thousands endearing or corny. Here are the opening lines to the 2013 song "I Wish".

I wish those were my hands in your hair
I wish I could go out without worrying you'll be there
I ought to tell you I like you the most
But my mouth gets dry every time I come close

Clearly, songwriter Colm Dawson is my kind of people. Hope he is yours too. You can get these two sentimental seven-inch singles shown above from the always dependable Shelflife Records here and here. Highly recommended. Now I'm off to work on making eye contact.

I Wish


Rol said...

Thanks, Brian. Like the sound of that lot and I found them on eMusic so will be downloading some of their catalogue later.

friend of rachel worth said...

New to me Brian - I like it ... I think
Couldn't help feeling the people you mention do the same thing but better
Need to listen to a bit more

Brian said...

Rol, I often put up lyrics with you in mind. Nobody that visits here enjoys a good turn of phrase more than you.

FORW, I won't argue. Those others are in a different league. Happy you gave them a try though.

The Swede said...

If you'd posted the tune minus the backstory, I would've guessed that it originated two decades earlier than it did. Needless to say, I'd never previously heard of these guys, but I enjoyed 'I Wish' a lot.