Thursday, May 17, 2018

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter G, Part 14)

JC featured the Groovy Little Numbers in his Scottish songs series two months ago, and you can get a rundown of their second of two EPs the band released on legendary label 53 & 3rd over at his place. Here are the three songs from the first EP. I don't have the original 12". Rather, I have this on a comp Avalanche Records released in 1998 that covers both EPs. I'm picturing it with the BMX Bandits comp above, also from Avalanche, because I always listen to them together. If you're interested, here is a recap of the day I bought these two records at Avalanche in Edinburgh. One of the best days ever! As for the songs, Joe McAlinden wrote the first two. A-side "You Make My Head Explode" would be the band's only hit, peaking at No. 25 on the UK indie chart in early '88. Catherine Steven takes a turn on lead vocals with the closer, and I just can't resist Mairi Cameron's wonderful trumpet on this grittier version of the Association hit from 1967. Genius!

You Make My Head Explode
Hey! Hey!


drew said...

Jeez this takes me back to Saturdays going in to Glasgow getting gear from Flip and going over the road to the Rock Garden for a pint or two of Moosehead if not on the scooter, one if I was. Uniform, faded 2nd hand 501s, 1" turnups, oxblood Docs, a US Navy White short sleeved shirt or bowling shirt, MA1 of course and a perfect Flat Top.

Brian said...

You have pained a wonderful picture, Drew. I hope when you get on the scooter these days you can still capture even a little bit of the salad days on your trips to Mono.

JC said...

I found out earlier this year that Joe McAlinden is a cousin of the wife of a very good friend of mine....I've known my mate's wife since 1984 and this is the first she's told me. Can't wait to gatecrash her next family get-together (unless it's a funeral, in which case it can wait...)