Friday, May 4, 2018

Another Potluck

Time to clean the cupboards of some stuff I never seem to have time to write about. Hopefully, there is something here you'll want to put on your plate.

House of Sarah
In case you missed it, back in March Jen and Stew at Emotional Response Records announced they would be releasing a slew of Sarah material to raise the cash to help Even as We Speak get to Indietracks this summer. When I heard about it, needless to say, my heart about burst out of my chest. Just as I began to write about the big news for these pages, it seemed everything had already sold out. A recent check in with the Flagstaff-based label, however, shows the four albums are available again. Here's a quick rundown:

Boyracer - 'Fling Yr Bonnet Over the Windmill'
Boyracer's three Sarah singles on one LP. Available in splatter tour support edition or black vinyl. Yes, that's Stew on there.

Action Painting - 'Trial Cuts'
LP features Sarah-era songs and a host of previously unreleased material. Download includes 12 bonus tracks. Available in splatter tour support edition or black vinyl.

Even As We Speak - 'Feral Pop Frenzy'
The band's one and only full-length LP has returned 25 years later. A Sarah lover's dream. Available in splatter tour support edition or black vinyl.

'Sarah Artists Comp'
Wh-wh-wh-what?!? Two new and previously unreleased tracks from Even As We Speak, Action Painting!, Boyracer and Secret Shine. This one only available in splatter tour support edition vinyl.

All four of these are also available as a set in splatter tour support edition vinyl for one special price here. If you heard "The Black Forest" 10" in 2017, and I'm sure you did after it made my year-end list, you know there is something pretty special going on with Even As We Speak right now. Let's give these Aussies a hand. Very funny. You can stop clapping.

Your Hit Parade
If you have been following my saga to snag that UK-only Record Store Day single of the Hit Parade's "Happy World", drum roll please, I got it. As you may know, any leftover RSD releases can be posted online by record shops seven days after the holiday. Last Saturday at midnight London time (5PM Friday here in Seattle) I ordered it the second it became available at Juno. With shipping it was about $7. Sure beats the prices I saw for it the day after RSD when the greedy flippers started selling. I also learned there was another 7" by the Hit Parade released earlier this year. Here's the video for the A-side from that one. With news of a full-length album out later this year, it's good to be a fan of Julian and Co.

Take Aim at Popguns EP
You may agree 'C88' was one of the best comps of 2017. Last summer, to celebrate appearing on Cherry Red's box set, the Popguns put together a four-song EP of demos from the era. Unfortunately, I was on vacation when they started selling it on their Bandcamp page. By the time I found out about it, the 100 copies they put out on CD were already sold out. For almost a year now I tried my best to be content streaming demos of early classics "Leave It Alone", "Landslide" and "Where Do You Go", as well as unreleased track "Beat Me Up". Then a couple of weeks ago I went to the page to give the demos a listen -- it had been a while -- and I discovered the Popguns were selling an additional 50 copies. I bought it on the spot. I have been listening to it on the stereo instead of the computer for the past couple of days... WOW! Wendy's vocals, particularly on "Landslide", never sounded better. Not even on the Medium Cool recording back in 1989. Heads up. As I'm writing this, there are 13 copies left of the 'C88 Demos'. It's the best £4 you'll ever spend.

Finally, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole a couple of weeks ago and discovered this song. Anyone out there know them? I'm putting out a plea to Chris at Jigsaw, Jimmy at Matinee, Roque at Cloudberry or any other indie label with a little gumption to get the rights to the six-song self-titled LP from the Love In, circa 1987. It came out on something called Out There Records. I'll be first in line to buy it. An absolutely wonderful piece of jangle. A real earworm, as our pal the Swede says. Think they liked early R.E.M.? Must sleep now.


Charity Chic said...

A good clear out there Brian!

Brian said...

Hi CC. I could go on and on... especially on the YouTube rabbit holes. I'm absolutely obsessed with Strawberry Switchblade's '82 Peel Session. Stumbled on it the other day and have listened to it at least 10 times.

MisterPrime said...

Very exciting Sarah news, Brian! I'm going to have to try and get to one of the English gigs even though there's nothing nearby. Maybe I can sell the wife on a nostalgic weekend trip to Leeds (where we both went to Uni in the lates 80's), hmmm... I think I'm also going to have to invest in at least one of those albums, transatlantic shipping notwithstanding. I'm a great fan of those early Boyracer records - and'Get's Me So Hard' is a definite Top Ten Sarah song, Cheers.

Brian said...

Mister Prime,
I wrote about Boyracer a few years ago, and I remember you saying how much you liked those Sarah singles. These are some mighty fine looking reissues. I'm going for the entire lot.

Rol said...

Glad you got your RSD object of desire.

JC said...

As Rol said....