Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top 100 Songs From the 1990s (No. 35)

35. "Thru' Your Heart"
Artist: The Pastels
Year: 1991

Here's a band that also made my list of 50 favorite UK indie hits from the 1980s... quite a feat. I just looked up that entry ("Comin' Through" at No. 36), and I was happy to read that even then I took a moment to mention both of the songs considered for this '90s countdown. "Thru' Your Heart" really was a coin-flip selection. I love the fuzz-drenched "Thank You For Being You" just as much, and you would think the song actually written by Stephen Pastel would get the nod. Instead, I'm giving it to this lovely ballad penned by Katrina Mitchell. She had just recently joined the Pastels, and it must have been a wonderful moment for her to get the A-side. A quarter of a century later, she is still in the band, and these two released one of my favorite albums of 2013. If you are fond of the Pastels, give 'Slow Summits' a go.

One more thing about this single. Kudos to Annabel Wright. "Aggi," as she is called, was not only a pivotal part of the band back then, but she designed many of the sleeves during the the Pastels' Paperhouse years. The one above has always been a particular favorite. You can find this song, as well as "Thank You For Being You" and the B-sides, on the comp 'Truckload of Trouble.'

The Swede over at Unthought of, Though, Somehow, one of my regular reads, has recently written about his brushes with heroes like Allen Ginsberg and Tony Visconti... and how he handled it. When I was in Glasgow in 2012, I found myself face to face with Stephen Pastel at his record shop. I was even purchasing the very album he was playing behind the counter. Could there be a better opening? I traveled 4,500 miles. Yet, all I could do was smile and nod as I handed him the record. He smiled and nodded back. Not a word was spoken. Did I blow it? Obviously, I have replayed this in my mind many times. I'm afraid if I had opened my mouth I wouldn't have stopped. So, I think I handled it the best I could.


Scott said...

Such a beautiful song. I suppose we are almost guilty of taking Stephen for granted here in Glasgow cause we can walk in almost any day of the week and see him serving in Mono. Although I do recall getting a bit carried away the first time I spoke to him to tell him about seeing them years ago with The Vaselines. Think he was close to having me escorted off the premises.

george said...

The curt nod, Brian, it's all you need. It conveys that you recognised the man, appreciated his music, and liked his record shop. All in one nod. Cool!

The Swede said...

Sounds like you handled your brush with Stephen perfectly. You knew. He knew. You knew that he knew. And he knew that you knew that he knew. Sometimes less is more.
This is a lovely song. Do you know 'Is Your Love in Vain?' by Bob Dylan? Not one of his nibs' greatest tunes, but 'Thru You Heart' really reminds me of it.

Brian said...

Thanks for the encouragement, fellas. That's how I like to think it went as well, George. Hope so. I didn't know that particular song by Dylan, Swede. You are so right. Scott, that was a great shop. I can picture it like it was yesterday... right down to where the Pastels records were.

kevinpat said...

Love ya Bri…..but this must be an acquired taste…….!

Brian said...

I get it, kevinpat. The Pastels are not for everyone.