Thursday, July 23, 2015

Label Pieces Together Great Reissues

Jigsaw Records does such a great job unearthing these rare artifacts from the golden age of UK indie. These are two that have my ear right now. The Driscolls' 'Complete Recordings 1988-1991' is a 35-track double CD chock full of mod and jangle. Get it straight from the label for a mere 13 bucks. Budgeting the bandwidth today, but here's a video for an early single put out by Restless Records in 1988. I can't get this one out of my head.

This next one is ripe for the pickin'. Strawberry Story's story can even be traced back to the aforementioned Driscolls. They did a split 7" flexi for the Woosh label in 1988. That song, "Tell Me Now," is two glorious minutes of crash pop that wouldn't have sounded a bit out of place next to Subway Organisation vets the Shop Assistants, Rosehips, Flatmates or Bubblegum Splash! Give it a listen below. Then regain your composure and send $12 to Jigsaw for 'Gravy,' the 54-track double CD comp that includes everything the band ever did. You'll never find a strawberry this sweet.


Charity Chic said...

Two names I am not familiar with Brian and two cracking songs

The Swede said...

I vaguely recognise the name The Driscolls, but not Strawberry Story. An absolutely cracking pair of tunes. I can tell that 'Girl I Want You Back' is going to prove a bit of an earworm. Love the low budget video.

Brian said...

CC and Swede,
Cherry Red does great work with our indie heroes from yesteryear, but labels like Jigsaw, Cloudberry, Matinee and a few others often dig even deeper for bands that didn't necessarily make the Independent Chart but should have been heard... and I love them for it. There will be no pot of gold for Jigsaw with these releases. It's all about passion for the music and wanting to get it out there. Respect.