Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Still Waiting For New Popguns? Not For Long

Even though it was nearly 20 years between the last two releases, and even though 'Pop Fiction' was like manna from heaven, and even though I'm sure we are all still giving that album regular spins, we pop fans are fickle, even when it comes to Pickles, and six months on seems just about the right time to start asking ourselves, "I wonder what the Popguns have up their sleeves next?"

Well, it sounds like they will be recording a new album soon, and that's reason enough to rejoice. In the meantime, though, our thirst is about to be satiated with new songs that put Wendy's wonderful voice front and center. The "Still Waiting For The Winter EP" features one of the most amazing moments from 'Pop Fiction,' but it's the three songs exclusive to this release that will have us all eager to order. "BN3," "Why You Fell In Love With Me" and "Diane's Song" are all stripped-down affairs chock full of warmth and melancholy. Check out the beautiful "BN3" below. The song is said to tell the story of a "sporting romance played out at Hove County Cricket Ground."

The "Still Waiting For The Winter EP" is limited to 1,000 CD copies and has an official release date of July 13. Matinée Recordings, however, should begin taking orders any day now. Watch for that all important Add to Cart button here.


TheRobster said...

I do like the Popguns, and Still Waiting For The Winter is a brilliant track. It sounds like they never went away.

Brian said...

You said it, Robster. So good to have them back.