Monday, September 29, 2014

Reissue Roundup (Part 2)

Artist: Dexys
Album: 'Nowhere Is Home': The Deluxe Editions
Label: Absolute Dexys
Release Date: Oct. 20
Details: Dexys' comeback album 'One Day I'm Going to Soar' is a tremendous piece of musical theater and one of the most interesting albums of this decade. Fans lucky enough to see the record performed on stage have lamented that although the recording is wonderful, it's nothing compared to experiencing it live. That's why all four distinct versions of 'Nowhere Is Home' look so special. The one you buy all comes down to fandom, choice of format and, of course, funds.

Depending on the edition, there is a film, complete live performance and many other extras centered around Dexys' residency at the Duke Of York's Theatre in the spring of 2013. For a complete rundown, including a very tempting six-disc whopper, check out the band's Pledge Music page. As for me, I'm all about the four-album 180g vinyl, but I will get the double-DVD film and performance separately. Brother, can you spare a dime? OK, I agree this isn't for the casual listener, but I do think the 2012 album 'One Day I'm Going to Soar' is an absolute must... and you can buy that these days for a song.

'Nowhere Is Home' Live Quadruple LP Vinyl Tracklist
1. Now
2. Lost
3. Me
4. She Got A Wiggle
5. You
6. I'm Thinking Of You
1. I'm Always Going To Love You
2. Incapable Of Love
3. Nowhere Is Home
4. Free
5. It's Ok John Joe
1. The Waltz
2. Geno
3. Listen To This
4. Until I Believe In My Soul
5. Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
6. Until I Believe In My Soul Part 2
1. Liars A to E
2. Old
3. This Is What She's Like


Echorich said...

I think the DVD is in my future for sure.
I have to agree, One Day I'm Going To Soar is a tremendous work of art. Kevin Rowland is musical enigma. He straddles the knife's edge falling off into brilliance or undecipherable, but he's never released anything that wasn't worth giving a chance.

Brian said...

Well said, Echorich. I bet I have a pretty good idea how you would list his works on both sides of that knife's edge.