Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reissue Roundup (Part 1)

So far, I have set my sights on six reissues out this fall, and half of them are from the fine folks at Optic Nerve Recordings. The label has done such a fine job with past vinyl resurrections from the likes of McCarthy, the Flatmates, Cleaners From Venus and the Monochrome Set that I'm sure I'll want these new releases in my collection. I'll get to the other three reissues I'm interested in procuring next time around, but today is all about Optic Nerve.

Artist: Girls At Out Best!
Album: 'Pleasure' (Preorder)
Label: Optic Nerve Recordings
Release Date: Oct. 20
Details: They weren't all gals, but the band was fronted by "Jo" Evans, and she certainly knew how to deliver a line. This 19-song version of the 1981 post-punk classic 'Pleasure' is a double LP with gatefold sleeve. The vinyl is a transparent yellow with pink, red and blue splatter. Optic Nerve's stab varies just a bit from the 22-track 2009 CD reissue from Cherry Red, but the must-have singles released through the band's Record Records, Rough Trade and Happy Birthday labels are here. The inner sleeves are printed with lyrics and photos, and the album will include a "Pleasure Bag" with four postcards, two stickers, a stencil, a reproduced tour poster and reproduced promo posters for the "Go For Gold" and "Politics"/"Its Fashion" singles. Other goodies include a press photo and flyer. Whoo!

'Pleasure' Tracklist
A1 Pleasure
A2 Too Big For Your Boots
A3 I'm Beautiful Now
A4 Waterbed Babies
A5 Fun-City Teenagers
A6 £600,000
B1 Heaven
B2 China Blue
B3 Fast Boyfriends
B4 She Flipped
B5 Goodbye To That Jazz
C1 Getting Nowhere Fast
C2 Warm Girls
C3 Politics
C4 It's Fashion
D1 Go For Gold
D2 I'm Beautiful Now
D3 Fast Boyfriends
D4 This Train

Girls At Our Best! - Getting Nowhere Fast

Artist: The Monochrome Set
Album: 'Eligible Bachelors' (Preorder)
Label: Optic Nerve Recordings
Release Date: Nov. 24
Details: The gifts aren't quite as plentiful as with 'Pleasure,' but there are two bonus tracks on the cream-colored vinyl, and I don't have either one of them. Also included is a "Cast A Long Shadow" poster. You won't care about the lack of swag when you see that the preorder price is an absolute steal. The Monochrome Set made a few must-have albums, but I believe this 1982 album is the band's best.

'Eligible Bachelors' Tracklist
The Jet Set Junta
I'll Scry Instead
On The 13th Day
Cloud 10
The Mating Game
March Of The Eligible Bachelors
The Devil Rides Out
Fun For All The Family
The Midas Touch
The Ruling Class
The Great Barrier Riff
Cast A Long Shadow

The Monochrome Set - The Jet Set Junta

Artist: The Wolfhounds
Album: 'Unseen Ripples From a Pebble' (Preorder)
Label: Optic Nerve Recordings
Release Date: Nov. 17
Details: I'm tempted to repeat the above message that this is the one to get, but in recent years, the Wolfhounds have reunited and have been recording. So, that feels kind of rude. If you're searching for a comprehensive chronicling of the band's early years, however, this reissue of the 1987 album is the place to start. Just about everything from their time on the Pink Label and Idea Records can be found on the double LP. In fact, there are a whopping 15 bonus tracks. The only song I see missing is "Feeling So Strange Again." You may remember that one from NME's 'C86 ' cassette. Choose between clear or black 180gram vinyl. There's a lyrics sheet and plenty of press clippings, flyers and photos. I can't wait to see what Optic Nerve digs up next.

'Unseen Ripples From a Pebble' Tracklisting
A1 Me
A2 Sandy
A3 Rain Stops Play
A4 Goodbye Laughter
A5 Lost But Happy
A6 The Anti-Midas Touch
B1 In Transit
B2 Cruelty
B3 Rule Of Thumb
B4 Progress Caff
B5 Public Footpath Blues
B6 Handy Howard
C1 Stars In The Tarmac
C2 L.A. Juice
C3 Another Day On The Lazy “A”
C4 Cut The Cake
C5 Dead Think
C6 Midget Horror
C7 One Foot Wrong
C8 Slow Loris
D1 Restless Spell
D2 Whale On The Beach
D3 Me (7” Version)
D4 Hand In The Till
D5 Disgusted, E7
D6 Cold Shoulder
D7 Boy Racers RM1

The Wolfhounds - The Anti-Midas Touch


Anonymous said...

I had the original "Pleasure" LP [with pleasure bag!] since buying it as an import cutout, no later than 1983. A great album, but when I got the Cherry Red CD I decided I could cut the LP loose. It funded a recent Westward jaunt that took in all three Amoeba Records stores. Pretty good hauls, but not the best I ever saw. That's still Yesterday & Today. Skip, they can't touch you, man!

Brian said...

Hi Monk. I have the same CD, but I have never had it on vinyl. So tempting.