Monday, September 22, 2014

Home in on the Luxembourg Signal

For fans of Sarah Records, it's been a year to reminisce and rejoice. So far there has been an art exhibit, a documentary film and a book announcement. Looking back is all well and good, and it's certainly wonderful to see Sarah receive accolades in a way it never did when it existed, but let's not forget there are still some label alums making great music in 2014. For starters, check out 'Cornish Love Songs' from the Hit Parade and 'Kick to Kick' from the Steinbecks. (That's the Sugargliders' Josh and Joel Meadows.)

Back in the spring I heard a most wonderful piece of dreampop. The single "Distant Drive" had a timeless sound -- familiar but fresh at the same time -- full of soaring guitars and a just a hint of shoegaze sensibilities. Wow, who were these guys? Turned out I did know the Luxembourg Signal. Three members of the band were from Aberdeen, a Sarah band that, gasp, came from right here in America. It's kind of like Go-Betweens on Postcard. Geography be damned. They were, simply, a fine fit. If you were a fan of those Sarah days, the impending full-length release will be right up your alley, but this is no retread. Expect a slightly louder, darker and more mature affair.

The album was due for a Sept. 30 release, via the always dependable Shelflife Records, but a delay in the delivery of the vinyl has pushed the date back to Oct. 21. This is becoming an old story as the scarce number of vinyl pressing plants struggle to keep up. Tough not to have mixed feelings about that development, but that's a story for another day. I'm going to spend the rest of the week on more new releases and reissues. They are coming fast and furious now. In the meantime, here are a couple of real gems from the Luxembourg Signal. Preorder now!


Echorich said...

Brian - Distant Drive is an amazing track. It's been sitting in the midst of my ever-growing 2014 playlist since the first time I discovered it on Soundcloud. Dreamy, jangly and it's got a great beat you can dance to! You can't ask for much more!!!
I have very high hopes for the album - We Go On and Wishing Pool are both a great listen. Interesting that they share the same US PR firm as The Primitives...I'd travel to see that double bill.

Brian said...

Great to hear from you. You're going to love this album... and I like your thinking on the double bill. Will Primitives come over this time around? Fingers crossed.