Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rays of Summershine From the Rainyard

When I think of great Aussie pop, the first bands that come to my mind are the Go-Betweens, Triffids, Sugargliders, Lucksmiths, Crayon Fields and, going way back, Easybeats. Well, I think the Rainyard should be added to this shortlist. Until recently, the only song I knew from this band straight outta Perth was "Hell Bent Suicidal Over You, Baby." It was the third single the legendary (in a just world, anyway) Summershine Records ever released, way back in 1990. The song was also on the label compilation 'Just a Taste' that saw the light of day here in America via Slumberland nearly two decades ago.

A couple of years ago, members of the band bundled all of their output, from the aforementioned single to songs from a slew of compilations, and self released it as the digital album 'A Thousand Days.' Turns out the lads were jangle gods that would have fit in quite nicely with the C86 crowd that clearly influenced them.

Last month, Pretty Olivia Records took these 15 songs and reissued them on vinyl. The Spanish boutique label pressed 300 copies, and they seem to be going fast. You can still download it too, but c'mon, these hooks were made for wax.

The Rainyard - So Happy Now

Here's a little bonus from the aforementioned 'Just a Taste' sampler.

The Rainyard - Hellbent Suicidal Over You, Baby


Anonymous said...

Not forgetting Even As We Speak... Thanks for the tip, listening now. And here's one back: do you know The Cavalcade, from sunny Preston, Lancs? They only made the one album (you can listen at )but I think you might like it. Certainly it's on my 'most played' list, along with Another Sunny Day, the Sea Urchins, Razorcuts and the Raw Herbs.

Cheers, MisterPrime

Brian said...

Thanks so much, MisterPrime. Didn't know about the Cavalcade. I just listened to Many Moons in its entirety. Yep, you certainly have me pegged... so good. Curious about some of those earlier singles before they were rerecorded for this album. I will certainly investigate further.

As for Pebble Records... forever grateful for bringing back the Orchids. Hope to make it to their shop one of these days.

george said...

Hi Brian, I've never heard of this lot, but really very good.

Brian said...

Hey, George. Great to her from you. Like this one better than Sheryl Crow, eh? Really been enjoying your blog, my friend, and the work at the CCM blog, for that matter. Your formerly terrible taste in music has been quite entertaining for me... and, gulp, a little nostalgic as well. Don't tell anyone.

george said...

Hi Brian, I always check in, sorry for the lack of comments recently. Looking forward to your own "what WAS I think of" series!!

McPop said...

Brian, I had to comment on this older post (hope you see it). I LOVE this album! never knew this band existed back I the day but it is right in my wheelhouse. Unfortunately i was too late to get the limited vinyl release. Only have this digitally at the moment. I've been in contact with the band on FB and happy to report there is a deal in the works for repress of album on Vinyl and CD here in states. Can't wait to get it.