Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Phil Wilson on Caff

On July 1, 1986, Phil Wilson's band officially called it quits with a press release that read, "The June Brides have decided to part company and become legend." In 1987, Wilson as solo artist would release two fantastic singles for Creation, "Waiting For a Change" and "10 Miles." The label, seemingly, put its weight behind these records by releasing them as a 7", 12" and double 7" with gatefold sleeve. Alas, these songs weren't chart busters, and Alan McGee, busy with his new act the House of Love, was on to bigger things.

It would be about two years before we would hear from Wilson again. Thankfully, Bob Stanley's Caff Corporation released the one-off "Better Days" in the second half of 1989. Like most of Caff's output, this single was a low-budget affair. While Wilson was backed by the Triffids on his first Creation release, now he was playing bass and guitar while being backed a drum machine. In retrospect, the lyrics seem ominous ("I can't find the place where I belong"), but it really is a bouncy number. Here is what Wilson had to say in the insert for this 45:

'Better Days' and 'You Won't Speak' were recorded as demos in Spring 1988 by myself and Andrew Innes at the Acid Factory (this is a rather silly name for his spare bedroom). Creation were no longer interested in releasing my stuff and I couldn't be bothered to tout around looking for a new deal. So the songs have languished on a shelf ever since. I, in the meantime, stopped being a shiny pop person and became a boring old Civil Servant - a position that suits me down to the ground. At the moment I have no plans or desire to return to the cesspool of the music business. Thanks to Caff, however, for releasing this, and to you for buying it!

Phil Wilson

It would be nearly 20 years before another new release from Wilson. If you have heard 'God Bless Jim Kennedy" and the two 7" singles from the reunited June Brides, however, you know this story has a happy ending. Buy the brand-new EP "She Seems Quite Free," and get yourself an education. In the meantime, here's the A-side of CAFF 3. It's one of the toughest singles to find. Currently, there are none for sale on Discogs or Ebay, but it is available on the must-have compilation 'Every Conversation: The Story of June Brides & Phil Wilson.'

Phil Wilson - Better Days

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