Tuesday, March 4, 2014

UK Indie Hits: 1980-89 (No. 50)

I'm counting down my top 50 singles from the golden age of the UK Independent Charts.

50. Phil Wilson - "Waiting for a Change"

Other Contenders: None. This was Wilson's only solo charting single.

Chart Entry: March 14, 1987

Peak Position: No. 36

Comment: After the demise of the June Brides, Phil Wilson released this, the first of two singles, on Creation. Sadly, we wouldn't hear from him again for 20 years. At the time, this "twangy" change in sound was shocking, but it has aged very well.

Buy "Waiting for a Change" on 'Every Conversation: The Story of the June Brides & Phil Wilson.'


friend of rachel worth said...

this one completely passed me by when it first came out for some reason , especially as I had a couple of the June Brides singles (mainly due to the fact a friend of mine band supported them once (Black Sick .. now there's a name that should have guaranteed world wide domination)

Dirk said...

Is this the same 'Waiting For A Change' the June Brides did? Will see it if I remember to download it at home, that's if I ever get out of this bloody office!

Ah, and congatulations on your 800th: quite an achievement!!

george said...

This is excellent. Could even be aan alt-country/americana track.

Brian said...

Hi fellas.

Dirk, I'm fairly certain I own all of the June Brides records on vinyl, and I don't think they recorded this song. If you find out differently, please let me know as that would be a gap in the collection I would have to fill. The song does appear on the excellent Every Conversation comp. Perhaps you heard it on there and didn't realize Wilson's early solo work is tacked on to the end of the first disc.

The song is quite Americana, and the producer was an American expat. Perhaps you know Mayo Thompson. He was in Red Krayola. Thompson was a hot property at the time. He worked with Shop Assistants and Felt too. Hmm, perhaps we'll hear from those bands a little later in the countdown. Oddly, Wilson was backed by the Triffids... and they were Aussies! I have a feeling the twang feel came from Thompson. Wilson has said he was the first producer he had worked with that came with ideas and input.

Don't fret about missing this one. Most people that know the song heard it years later when Cherry Red dug it up for the comp. The second single didn't even chart at all. Wilson quit the biz and joined the civil service after that. Alan McGee was hot to get Wilson, but things cooled off pretty fast. I imagine McGee was quite busy at the time.

Dirk said...

Hello Brian,

well, you'll find it here:


I don't know if they ever recorded another version but this for Peel though ...



Brian said...

Oh, of course. I completely forgot about the Peel Session. I was digging through the studio singles and the full length looking for that one after your first message. Yes, that is the same song. I pulled it out today and gave it a listen. I really like this original version too. Lots of trumpet. Thanks for the reminder. It is also on the second disc of that Every Conversation comp I mentioned So, I had plenty of chances to recall it. Take care.