Tuesday, March 18, 2014

UK Indie Hits: 1980-89 (No. 43)

I'm counting down my top 50 singles from the golden age of the UK Independent Charts.

43. Felt - "Penelope Tree"

Other Contenders: In the event "Penelope Tree" can't fulfill the duties and responsibilities of being on this list, "Ballad of the Band" is my runner up.

Chart Entry: June 25, 1983

Peak Position: No. 22

Comment: Lawrence and Co. could be the poster boys for the UK Indie Charts. All 10 albums and nearly all 10 singles during the band's 10 years (split between Cherry Red and Creation) spent time on those coveted lists. Now, I haven't always been kind in my assessment of Felt, and on some level even I'm baffled as to why those albums leave me cold, but I certainly know a great song when I hear it... and this one is a beaut! Every couple of years I go back for a listen and a reassessment. Putting this post together will surely have me giving Felt another go.

Buy "Penelope Tree" on 'Stains on a Decade.'


Echorich said...

Lawrence and Felt are absolutely brilliant. 10 great singles. 10 interesting albums - which being honest, are sometimes difficult but always worth the effort.
Denim was an interesting ride and I really enjoy Go-Kart Mozart.

friend of rachel worth said...

Great single

Brian said...

Hey, fellas. Echorich, you're the first American I have ever known to follow Lawrence that far. A tip of the cap, sir. Hopefully at some point Felt will just click with me. If not, at least I have a few songs like this one.

FORW, I seem to recall you mentioning this song on your old blog or on TVV somewhere. It's a keeper.