Wednesday, March 26, 2014

UK Indie Hits: 1980-89 (No. 38)

I'm counting down my top 50 singles from the golden age of the UK Independent Charts.

38. Hurrah! - "Who'd Have Thought"

Other Contenders: If the debut single "The Sun Shines Here" had charted, that song would be here instead, and it would be much higher on the list.

Chart Entry: Oct. 27, 1984

Peak Position: No. 7

Comment: I could almost take yesterday's copy on Primal Scream, drop it here, and call it a day. The band's first four singles on Kitchenware are brilliant, and they were all compiled on the long out of print 1985 album 'Boxed.' Other than appearances on compilations, it's all I own by Hurrah!, and I have never wanted anything else. In the middle of the decade they seemed like a can't miss, and on some level there were triumphs, but the changes in sound and style were not for me. No disappointments here, however. "Who'd Have Thought" was the band's biggest chart success, and 'Boxed' still gets a plethora of plays from this fan.

Buy "Who'd Have Thought" on 'Sound of Philadelphia.'


friend of rachel worth said...

Those early singles and their b sides are fantastic. Sound of Phil shows what some of the later stuff sounded like before the step into U2 land

Brian said...

FORW, I remember you liking these guys. I was impressed you knew Boxed. I don't know about in your neck of the woods, but that's a real rarity over here... one of the records in my collection I'm most proud to own.

friend of rachel worth said...

Hi Brian. I am lucky enough to have the singles. Not sure how i got them. No way they would have made it to where i grew up can only think i sent off for them direct from kitchenware

Brian said...

Wow, now that is really impressive! I love all that early Kitchenware stuff. I'm not done with that label on this list.