Saturday, November 16, 2013

'High Land, Hard Rain' Anniversary Continues

Thirty years after the debut of the best album to come out of Scotland, Domino Records is releasing a remastered anniversary edition of Aztec Camera's 'High Land, Hard Rain' on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl and with a new gatefold inner sleeve. OK, most of us are probably content with our old vinyl copies or the deluxe edition that came out on CD last year. The label realizes this, and they have upped the ante considerably to get you to purchase the brilliant debut album one more time.

The album will include an interesting 7" EP, individually signed by Roddy Frame himself. The A-side is "The Boy Wonders" and "Release" from a Capital Radio session. The B-side (this is big!), is the NME C81 version of "We Could Send Letters" and the bedroom demo of "The Bugle Sounds Again."

You can preorder for a Dec. 2 ship date through Roddy's new label, Edwyn Collins' AED Records. For you aristocrats, there is also a package exclusive to AED that includes a 12 x 12 inch Giclee print of the 'High Land, Hard Rain' front cover.' If you are seeing Roddy Frame at one of the three UK shows to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the album, this reissue will be available there to buy as well. Here are all the details and ordering information. Sounds like a fabulous Christmas gift, eh?

If you're a regular reader, you may recall I finally bought C81 a couple of years ago. So, let's give "We Could Send Letters" a listen.

Aztec Camera - We Could Send Letters (C81 Version) (mp3)

If you disagree with my opening statement about the best Scottish album, file complaints in the comments section for further scrutiny.


Anonymous said...

Going on the 1st dec cant wait

george said...

I do disagree with your opening statement. Just can't think of what the best album out of scotland is. At the moment. Do Franz Ferdinand count as scottish? And there's always Simple Minds' earlier output to consider.

Brian said...

Full of envy, FORW! I really tried to plan for the Glasgow show, but I hit many roadblocks, including Mrs. LTL! traveling for work that week. I finally threw up my hands. I expect a full report, sir.

George, Thanks for weighing in on the Scottish album debate. Early Simple Minds should be in the conversation. Which album would you choose?

Anonymous said...

please can you re-upload the 'young sound of postcard' tracks

george said...

Brian, I was thinking Sons and Fascination. Not sure now. Being a native of Dundee I wonder if Sulk by The Associates should be the best Scottish album It is a great record.

Dirk said...

'psychocandy', no doubt about that!

Uncle E said...

Oooh, I might have agreed had you said "The best DEBUT to come out of Scotland"...I agree that this is an amazing album, and probably within the top 3 or so to come out of that region, but to me You Can't Hide Your Love Forever by Orange Juice has it beat, and Empires and Dance by SM (or maybe New Gold Dream) would at least tie it. So, maybe the second best?

Brian said...

Ooh, Sulk. You're catching me during a big Associates kick. Anyway, I'm seeing some great contenders here, fellas. Keep them coming. I'll try to do something with all of these opinions. Much respect.