Friday, April 20, 2012

One More Ride on the Bobsled

As last post proved, for a few wonderful years there, Bobsled Records was one of the most exciting indie labels out there. Besides the aforementioned Waxwings, there was Adventures in Stereo, Stereo Total and Velvet Crush, to name a few, but the best of the bunch, for me, was the wonderful orchestral pop of the Chamber Strings.

Both of the band's Bobsled albums, 'Gospel Morning' (1997) and 'Month of Sundays' (2001), still get regular play at my house, and I almost jumped through the ceiling when Kevin Junior assembled the 'Month of Sundays' lineup for a few shows and released the "I Come Apart (A Tragic Comedy)" single in 2009. The assumption was a new album wouldn't be far away. So, what happened?

Last fall, it was reported the uninsured Junior was in need of heart surgery. There was a benefit show given for him in Chicago, and a fund has been set up to help with medical expenses. This is serious business. If you want to help, give to Friends of Kevin Junior. The new album can wait. Just get better, sir. If you don't know the baroque sounds of this fine band, check out one song from each of the Chamber Strings' two Bobsled albums.

The Chamber Strings - Everyday Is Christmas (mp3)
The Chamber Strings - Last Lovers (mp3)

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