Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chamber Strings Single Still In Stock

Here is the string of events that has led me to this moment. In March, Alex Chilton died. I wanted to post one of my favorite covers of a Chilton song. So, a couple of days later, I came up with Epic Soundtracks' take on "Nightime/Thirteen." The great Kevin Junior played on this take. Since I'm a big fan of his band, the Chamber Strings, it got me thinking about what he's up to these days. Junior's fall from the music scene is well documented. So, I will condense it to these few words: He became a drug addict and ended up on the streets of L.A. I was aware he cleaned up his act and did a few reunion shows with the Chamber Strings in 2007.

What I didn't know until I looked him up was that the same year of the reunion shows he went into the studio with the 'Month of Sundays' lineup of the Chamber Strings to record a 7" that was put out by Avec Vinyl. I was pretty excited about this until I read only 500 copies were pressed and that it was sold out. Last night, just for the hell of it, I went on eBay to see if anyone was selling a copy. I came across this listing from the man behind Avec Vinyl. Here is the important part from the description: "Only 150 copies are left." That's right. "I Come Apart" b/w "The Check-Out Girls," the first new Chamber Strings material since 2001, is still available. I'm placing my order right now. If, like me, you were late to the party, you may want to get the single too. Here are a couple of rare songs to whet your appetite. I got these from the "Make It Through the Summer" single back in 2001. Enjoy.

The Chamber Strings - Beautiful Mothers & Somebody's Wife (mp3)
The Chamber Strings - Last Lovers (Acoustic Version) (mp3)

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