Monday, April 9, 2012

Last Trio From NME/Rough Trade 'C81'

This final post on 'C81' features the big boys of the compilation. They need no introduction, and the trio already had quite a bit of success by 1981. The Buzzcocks, in particular, had a dozen or so singles and three full-length studio albums out there by the time the cassette was released. Both of the Specials must-have albums were already in the rear-view mirror as well. The English Beat, in my humble opinion, were at their peak. These established acts seem like odd choices for a cutting-edge compilation, but I can't imagine this tape without them. For me, the Postcard material is the best of 'C81,' but these three songs aren't far behind.

The Beat - Twist & Crawl Dub (mp3)
The Specials - Racquel (mp3)
The Buzzcocks - I Look Alone (mp3)

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