Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy (Mitch) Easter!

I could have gone a few directions here... his work as a producer or as a solo artist... but I'm sticking to Mitch Easter's early work as frontman for the jangle-pop outfit Let's Active. Here is a one-song sample from each of the four excellent Let's Active releases. This is sure to put a little extra bounce in Peter Cottontail's step.

Let's Active - Every Word Means No (mp3) (from 'afoot' EP, 1983)
Let's Active - Easy Does (mp3) (from 'Cypress,' 1984)
Let's Active - Fell (mp3) (from 'Big Plans For Everybody,' 1986)
Let's Active - Every Dog Has His Day (mp3) (from 'Every Dog Has His Day,' 1988)

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