Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More on New Crowded House LP

As I mentioned back in April, Crowded House is about to release its sixth studio album, and a few more details about 'Intriguer' have become available. Not only has the band given us the LP opener "Saturday Sun" as a free download, but they have just released a video for it, too.

The release date of mid-June I gave earlier for 'Intriguer,' it turns out, was not for America. Those of us on this side of the pond have to wait until mid-July, but you can already preorder it here. For a mere $12.99, the deluxe edition contains a DVD featuring the "Saturday Sun" video, eight songs "upstairs at home," plus two songs live at the Auckland Town Hall. You can find the complete tracklist, as well as the "Saturday Sun" video and download below. I can't wait for this one.

Crowded House - Saturday Sun (mp3)

'Intriguer' Tracklist (Deluxe Edition)
1. Saturday Sun
2. Archer's Arrows
3. Amsterdam
4. Either Side of the World
5. Falling Down
6. Isolation
7. Twice If You're Lucky
8. Inside Out
9. Even If
10. Elephants

Bonus DVD
1. Either Side Of The World (Upstairs at Home)
2. Amsterdam (Upstairs at Home)
3. Saturday Sun (Upstairs at Home)
4. Twice If You're Lucky (Upstairs at Home)
5. Elephants (Upstairs at Home)
6. Falling Dove (Upstairs at Home)
7. Isolation (Upstairs at Home)
8. Archer’s Arrows (Upstairs at Home)
9. Either Side of the World (Live at the Auckland Town Hall)
10. Isolation (Live at the Auckland Town Hall)
11. Saturday Sun (Video)

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