Monday, April 19, 2010

Crowded House's Comeback Continues

I have a huge soft spot for Crowded House. Way back in the day I bought the band's debut album the first time I ever hung out with my future wife. Two things might come to your mind: 1)Geez, who takes a date to a record store? 2) Man, you have been with your wife a really long time. I have bought every album Crowded House has released since that first one in 1986, and I have never been disappointed. Now comes news the lads will return with its sixth studio album, 'Intriguer,' on June 14. Just as exciting, the band will tour America and Canada beginning July 14. Are you still not satisfied? Then go to Crowded House's Web site to download a brand-new song. "Saturday Sun," one of 10 songs from the new album, will be available for a limited time. Here is my favorite tune from their last album, 2007's 'Time On Earth.' Enjoy.

Crowded House - Say That Again (mp3)

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