Thursday, June 3, 2010

Curtain Call: David Bowie

Curtain Call is an occasional series where I present one of my favorite live albums.

I have mentioned on more than a few occasions that I'm an unapologetic fan of all things David Bowie, and that even includes the oft-ridiculed Glass Spider Tour. For those of you who saw him in 1987, you may understand some of the criticism. It didn't help that the album he was supporting at the time, 'Never Let Me Down,' was panned by critics and many fans. It has aged even worse. This is all the general consensus, but I don't agree. I do think, however, Bowie's shows at the time were overblown affairs filled with huge props, annoying dancers... and Peter Frampton. If you're watching the 'Glass Spider' DVD, all of this gets in the way.

That's exactly why I wholeheartedly endorse the double-CD
'Glass Spider Live.' If you hated this tour, I recommend popping on your headphones and listening to the songs below. The spectacle of it all is no longer in the way. I chose two songs from 'Never Let Me Down,' as well as my favorite Bowie song from that decade. If you REALLY detest his '80s output with every fabric of your being, I probably can't persuade you. The tracklist won't help either. About half of the 20 songs from 'Glass Spider Live' are from the "me decade."

David Bowie - Day-In, Day-Out (Live) (mp3)
David Bowie - Loving the Alien (Live) (mp3)
David Bowie - Never Let Me Down (Live) (mp3)

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