Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enter the Vaselines... Again

After a two-decade absence, Sub Pop brought the Vaselines back into our consciousness last year with a fantastic collection of the band's entire previous studio work (along with demos, live tracks and other gems) called 'Enter the Vaselines.' Little did we know then that the duo would grace us with a new album in 2010. 'Sex With an X' won't be out until Sept. 14, but Sub Pop has just released a song from it. Although I don't agree with the sentiment expressed by the Scots, I do think it's a pretty good tune. Download "I Hate the '80s" now.

'Sex With An X' Tracklist
1. Ruined
2. Sex With An X
3. The Devil Inside Me
4. Such a Fool
5. Turning It On
6. Overweight But Over You
7. Poison Pen
8. I Hate the 80's
9. Mouth to Mouth
10. Whitechapel
11. My God's Bigger Than Your God
12. Exit The Vaselines

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