Sunday, March 8, 2015

Top 100 Songs From the 1990s (No. 84)

84. "All I Want to Do Is Be With You"
Artist: Robert Crenshaw
Year: 1999

Robert Crenshaw is best known as the drummer on brother Marshall's earliest and most successful albums, such as his self-titled debut from 1982 and 'Field Day' in 1983, two of my all-time favorites. I bring those up because many of the songs on 'Full Length Stereo Recordings,' Robert's solo debut, sound a lot like brother Marshall in his heyday, and that's a very good thing. Robert's 2000 followup, 'Victory Songs,' is more polished, and it includes his best song, "Missing You More," but I feel like he captured something special on this first effort. I was pleasantly surprised to see today that Gadfly Records has kept his output in print. To be a fan of either of the Crenshaw brothers you have to have the patience of Job, often waiting many years between albums, but I'm happy to report Robert has a relatively new one out now. And yes, we will see an appearance from his brother later in the countdown. In the meantime, enjoy this peppy pop nugget that would sound great in any decade.


McPop said...

Cool song. I've not followed Robert Crenshaw's career much but must rectify this. I'm a huge fan of Marshall's music, though. I've been enjoying his recent EP subscription series. Have you picked up any of these? If not, I recommend checking them out.

Brian said...

Makes my day that you're a fan of Marshall Crenshaw. I didn't subscribe to the EP series, but I have been lucky enough to find them all so far as they have been released. I'll be sorry to see it end. Hope we don't have to wait too long for a proper album, but it seems like he's in no hurry to play that old game. I think he likes the idea of a song here and there... and we'll take it.