Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stream Paul Weller's New Single

Although I count myself a huge fan of the Jam and Style Council, I haven't always been kind when speaking of Paul Weller's solo work. He broke through for me, briefly, with '22 Dreams' back in '08. Other than that, my interest has been limited to a handful of singles. Perhaps Weller has fans like me in mind with the announcement of his latest song, "Starlite." There is no forthcoming album. This is a one-off 12" single (or digital download) to be released in August. I have no chance to be disappointed, and I can proclaim with glee that this song is a keeper. Prepare to take a trip back to the days of late '80s Style Council. Stream the song here, and get the complete tracklist and other nuggets about "Starlite" here. Many thanks to the Modfather for a smile on this gloomy day in the Pacific Northwest.

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