Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Song From We Were Promised Jetpacks

In my book, Scotland has always had quite a bit going for herself: McVitie's, Aztec Camera, Lloyd Cole, Camera Obscura, McVitie's, Orange Juice, the Delgados, Close Lobsters, (I mentioned McVitie's, right?) and these blokes. In 2009, We Were Promised Jetpacks blew me away with their raw and raucous debut, 'These Four Walls.' If you don't have it, get it right now. As the lads over there would say, it's a real corker. Well, here comes the full-length followup. On Oct. 4, Fat Cat Records will release 'In the Pit of the Stomach,' and if you go to the band's Web site (or the widget below), you can hear a song from it. If "Act on Impulse" is any indication, we are in for something special... again. What I wouldn't give for a digestive biscuit right about now.

We Were Promised Jetpacks -- Act On Impulse by jabermohamed

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