Friday, June 4, 2010

Songs in Cinema: 'Role Models'

Many of you may already know this tale, but it's such a hoot that I think you won't mind reading about it again. The 2008 soundtrack to the raunchy comedy 'Role Models' featured a song by Wings... or was it? If you don't know what I mean, you should take one minute and six seconds to see this clip. Sorry, it couldn't be embedded.

OK, I'll assume you just saw the scene and chuckled. There is another instance or two when this fake McCartney tune is sung or talked about by one of the characters in the film. Finally, during the closing credits, we hear what sounds like classic Wings. For a moment, I was fooled, but I'm a pretty big fan and had never heard the song before. That just didn't seem likely. It's parts "Live and Let Die," "Junior's Farm," "Jet" and many other Macca favorites, which makes it all the more confusing. There is even some Linda in there.

The song, "Love Take Me Down (To The Streets)," was penned by songwriter Charles Gansa and actor A.D. Miles. Yep, he's the one playing Martin Gary in the scene you just watched. The vocals are expertly handled by Joey Curatolo, and they should be. He takes all of the McCartney parts in the Beatles tribute band Rain. The song is credited to "Joey Curatolo, Amy Miles, Chris Anderson and Charles Ganza" on the soundtrack. That's just too darn long. So, many refer to the band as Not Wings.

Not Wings - Love Take Me Down (To The Streets) (mp3)

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