Monday, April 20, 2015

Top 100 Songs From the 1990s (No. 62)

62. "Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder"
Artist: Scritti Politti
Year: 1999

For you regulars, I apologize for the rerun. I highlighted this song back in November as part of ever-popular series When the Wife's Away, Scritti Politti Will Play. If you're new to Linear Tracking Lives, I should explain that the airwaves must remain free of all things Green when the Mrs. is around. Why? Put simply, she hates him. This is her only fault. So when my lovely lady hits the road for her job, which is quite often, I always take the opportunity to put away the headphones and turn up the Scritti Politti. Marriage really is a game of give and take, innit?

I don't have much to add since last fall. The '90s were nearly barren for one of my favorite bands from the '80s. There was one album, 'Anomie & Bonhomie,' and I didn't like it. The single was "Tinseltown to the Boogiedown," and that style of music just isn't my cup of tea. So, for me, Scritti Politti was nearly shut out of the entire decade. Fortunately, this song, the album closer, is absolutely beautiful. It has become one of my favorites. For those of us who love Green, we would have to wait seven years for the next album, but our patience was rewarded.


The Swede said...

I bought 'Skank Bloc Bologna' on the week of release - yes, I'm that old! 'Provision' is the last album I know, this is nice though.
Green has just finished a stint as a stand-in DJ on BBC Radio 6Music.

Echorich said...

Well Brian, you know we concur on the A+B front. This IS the album's best moment though. I think A+B could be a wonderful remake/update project for Green. I wonder if he would ever consider a different approach to the songs here.

friend of rachel worth said...

Love this song but tinseltown is just brilliant and my fav sp single since asylums.

Brian said...

I had a feeling you were going to say something like that. I listened to Tinseltown again yesterday just to see if my opinion had been swayed at all. Although we disagree on the song, I'm tickled that you think so much of SP. You and Echorich are the biggest fans I have ever had the privilege to know.

I like this idea! I'm wondering how he handles these songs on stage these days. I know he has been up there in recent years. Perhaps we'll hear from him soon.

That's really cool. I believe Echorich may have purchased that 7" back in the day too. My guess is you have the vital material from the Rough Trade days, but a few of us like the slick pop of Cupid and beyond too. I noticed you said you know Provision, but you didn't say you liked it. Ha! Hope you liked your cheese and chips. Looked really good.

Walter said...

It's very interesting to follow your comments. A+B isn't his best record but still over the average. I think he made a record he wanted to in these days but it was not the time for these songs. Think about the late records by Prefab Sprout - great records only a few fans recognized. Looking also forward to Green's next release.

Brian said...

Hi Walter. I think to a certain extent Echorich agrees with you. He had a great idea to have Green approach these songs now from a different POV. I'm one of those few fans that have adored the more recent records by Prefab Sprout, especially the last one. With you about looking forward to another SP release too. I wonder if he talked about one during his recent stint on BBC Radio 6Music?

Anonymous said...

I love Scritti but I bought "Tinseltown To The Boogiedown" immediately and was appalled as it mainly featured rappers and not Green Gartside. I chucked it and never got the album, but a kind friend made me the "rap free" version on CD-R which allowed me to actually hear Green sing on his own album. This was a corker; one that more than lived up to the caliber of its title, like so few songs can achieve. "White Car In Germany" was another.