Monday, April 27, 2015

Top 100 Songs From the 1990s (No. 59)

59. "Something in the Air"
Artist: David Bowie
Year: 1999

Yet another fine artist that lost his way in the '90s. Well, perhaps he had already stumbled in the preceding decade, but that's an argument for another time. In fact, TheRobster at Is This the Life? has been grading Bowie's discography, and it's a fine place and time to chime in with your thoughts on his work.

Although I'm a die-hard fan that tends to like even the work that most detest, I would probably only recommend 'The Buddha of Suburbia' from this decade. There were, however, a couple of songs here and there where I thought he caught some of that old magic. I think this track from the 1999 album 'Hours...' would have made a fine single, but perhaps it wouldn't have mattered. At this point, the artist was so out of step with his fans that the album didn't even make the American Top 40. That hadn't happened since 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' in 1972. Fortunately, as we turned the page to a new millennium, Bowie would rebound... and with music that sounded a lot like today's pick. If this song seems familiar, perhaps you know the "American Psycho Remix" of "Something in the Air." It gained a little traction when the soundtrack to the film was released in 2000.


The Swede said...

Good choice! Had forgotten this one.

friend of rachel worth said...

Not sure I agree re the 90s . Lack of consistency but black tie , hours and outside all have more hits than misses ( esp when compared to tonight and glass spider and tin machine in the mid to late 80s) . Only earthling was a misfire for me. I would probably go for Thursdays child one of those mid tempo ballads he does so well

Brian said...

Good to hear from you. We probably aren't as far away from each other on the '80s/'90s output as it seems, and I'm completely with you on Thursday's Child. It made the long list when I was putting this thing together.

Pleasantly surprised you like this one. I assumed there would be crickets. I cringed a little when I hit the button to post. Thought it could get ugly. So far, so good. Was quite happy when FORW gave me a little nudge for not liking the '90s material enough.