Friday, April 17, 2015


OK, here come a whole bunch of "ifs." If I was attending Record Store Day... and if I lived in the UK... and if I didn't already have all of the music on it... this is what I would stand in line at dawn to fight all of the ebay leeches (oops, I mean lifelong vinyl lovers) to buy:

Fire Records presents the triple LP 'Firestation Towers: 1986-1989.' That's both of Close Lobsters' albums, 'Foxheads Stalk This Land' and 'Headache Rhetoric,' plus one of the all-time great compilations, 'Forever, Until Victory! The Singles Collection.' If you have that one on CD (it's never been on vinyl before), you know all of the B-sides are included. I haven't seen what this incarnation looks like, but it's described on the RSD UK site as "3LP 12" in Wrap + Download." I assume that means you get the three albums with their original covers housed together in a "wrap" or soft box. I have to admit I'm curious about the presentation. 'Firestation Towers: 1986-1989' is limited to 1,000. Expect major price gouging online by Saturday afternoon. Check out the 39-song tracklist below. Impressive. If you don't have these three albums, it's worth setting the alarm, but don't snooze it too much. Anybody planning to go? If so, what do you want to grab?

1. Just Too Bloody Stupid
2. Sewer Pipe Dream
3. I Kiss The Flower in Bloom
4. Pathetique
5. A Prophecy
6. In Spite of These Times
7. Foxheads
8. I Take Bribes
9. Pimps
10. Mother of God
1. Lovely Little Swan
2. Gunpowderkeg
3. Nature Thing
4. My Days Are Numbered
5. Gutache
6. Got Apprehension
7. Gulp
8. Words On Power
9. Skyscrapers
10. Knee Trembler
1. Going To Heaven To See If It Rains
2. Never Seen Before
3. Lets Make Some Plans
4. What Is There To Smile About?
5. Loopholes
6. Nature Thing
7. Skyscrapers of St. Mirin
9. From This Day On
10. Don't Worry
11. Firestation Towers
13. Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)
14. Paper Thin Hotel
15. Boys And Girls
16. Pathetik Trivia
17. Get What They Deserve
18. Wide Waterways
19. Never Seen Before (Live)


charity chic said...

When I saw the post title I thought we were going to get Telly Savalas. Much relief at this end

Scott said...

My days of queuing at 8 in the morning are done so I shall be heading in later this morning to the wonderful Mono in Glasgow to see what I can get that is still left. I tend to stick to 7" singles so got my eye on Alex Chilton's Jesus Christ and a couple of soul singles. I am really temped by the 7" box set of singles from The Beat...

Brian said...

CC, Who loves ya, baby?

Scott, That Beat box looks pretty cool. I don't own Otis Blue on vinyl. Wouldn't mind finding that later today. Say hello to Stephen for me... you lucky dog.