Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fool's Paradise

Here's a little quiz. One of these quotes about fools has been attributed to Mark Twain. The other was said by Mr. T. Think you can you match them up?

"April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four."

"Quit yo Jibber-jabber! You ain't hurt, yo pathetic!, Argh! If I ever catch you acting like a crazy fool again, you're gonna meet my friend pain! I pity you fool! You a disgrace to the man race! It's time to run like a real man! Do it again sucker, and there's going to be trouble!"

How did you do? Well, as Winston Churchill once said, "The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes." So, I saw a list today that was deemed the 10 best "fool" songs. It had Def Leppard on it. No foolin'. So, who's the fool, the list's creator or the one wasting time reading it? I immediately went to my iTunes library and searched the word "fool." Thirty-one songs popped up. From there, I picked this alternate list. Enjoy.

Haircut 100 - Nobody's Fool
The Bluebells - Everybody's Somebody's Fool
Blur- Fool's Day
Elvis Costello and the Attractions - You Little Fool
Rockpile - Fool Too Long
World Party - Ship of Fools
Joe Jackson - Fools in Love
She & Him - Fools Rush In
Grant McLennan - Haven't I Been a Fool

Bonus: Mr. T - Be Somebody (Or Be Somebody's Fool)


Echorich said...

Great list! Here's my contribution - found way more than I thought I would in my iTunes library...

The Fresh + Only's - April Fools
Bryan Ferry - A Fool For Love
Icicle Works - Everybody Loves To Play The Fool
House Of Love - Cut The Fool Down
David Sylvian/Japan - Some Kind Of Fool
Echo And The Bunnymen - Ship Of Fools
Thompson Twins - Fool's Gold
The Yachts - Fool Like You
Devo - Social Fools
Depeche Mode - Fools
Stone Roses - Fool's Gold

charity chic said...

You are fools if you think it's over!

Brian said...

That is a very good list, Echorich. Tough to pick a favorite from that lot. I have a couple of these in my library that I plan to use next year.

Brian said...

Hope you post "I Pity the Fool" from Bobby "Blue" Bland. I wanted to put that one up, but it didn't seem to go well with the other choices.

McPop said...

I'd submit two great power pop tunes with the same name "April's Fool" by Cotton Mather and The Merrymakers.

Brian said...

McPop, I haven't listened to the Merrymakers in years. Bubblegun is such a great album. Now, I haven't really listened to Cotton Mather, really only a name I have seen through the years, but I just listened to April's Fool. Wow. I think I may have been missing out. Will explore more.

The Swede said...

A thoroughly enjoyable playlist. A quick shufty through my own archives offers the following selections for future consideration:-

The Bucaneers - I'm a Fool
Bob Dylan (or Elvis) - Fool Such as I
Joe Ely - Fools Fall in Love
JT (Funny Paper) Smith - Fools Blues
LH & the Memphis Sounds - I'm a Fool
The Only Ones & Pauline Murray - Fools
Ronnie Davis - You Are the Fool
The Shins - For a Fool
Yo La Tengo - I Was the Fool Beside You For Too Long

Dirk said...

Ha!!! Beat This!!!!!:

BELLE & SEBASTIAN: Desperation Made A Fool Of Me (live Peel Acres) (’02)
BOW WOW WOW: Fools Rush In (Peel Session)
CANDI STATON: I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than A Young Man’s Fool) (’69)
ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS: You Little Fool (Imperial Bedroom – LP)
FOOLS: Psycho Chicken (MP³ 10)
HEAVENLY: Don’t Be Fooled (2140)
JAKPOT: Frisky Fool (’07)
JOE JACKSON: Fools In Love (Look Sharp – LP)
JOHNNY FARMER: I’ve Been A Fool (MP³ 2)
JOOLS HOLLAND: Foolish I Know (Urgh... DoLP)
LIBERTY: As Fools Rush In (Communicate DoLP)
LIGHTNING SEEDS: Fools (Pure – 7”)
MADDER ROSE: Foolish Ways (Panic On – LP)
MANO NEGRA: The Fool (King … - LP)
McLUSKY: There Ain’t No Fool In Ferguson (MP³ 7)
PLAN 9: Ship Of Fools (The Enigma... DoLP)
REVEREND C.L. FRANKLIN: The Foolish And The Wise Built Us A House Built On Sand
SANDY ROGERS: Fool For Love (Reservoir Dogs CD)
STONE ROSES: Fools Gold (12“ + Bube … CD)
STRANGLERS: Fools Rush Out (Duchess – 7”)
TAMS: What Kind Of Fool (This Is Soul CD)
TEXAS: Fool For Love (Southside – LP)
YO YO: Girl, Don’t Be No Fool (2317)

Brian said...

Swede, Great list. The Shins song is the only one I had in my library, and there are a couple there I don't have in any form. The Only Ones & Pauline Murray is the one that intrigues me most.

Dirk, Very well done. You take the prize. Heavenly is the only one on your list that was in my library and didn't get used. I'm going to pull out that Lightning Seeds B-side. Completely forgot that song. That gives me a year to transfer the vinyl to mp3 for April 1, 2016.