Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Top 100 Songs From the 1990s (No. 78)

78. "Does Love Last Forever?"
Artist: Brighter
Year: 1990

The following goes against everything you know about Sarah Records. Brighter's "Does Love Last Forever?" should have been a bona fide radio hit. Truth be told, my favorite moment from the band is the trio's debut single, the four-song "Around the World in Eighty Days." Sarah 19 is solitary, introspective and oh-so Sarah. The calendar, however, precludes it from making this list by a handful of months. That's quite alright. The followup single is wonderful too.

"Does Love Last Forever?" (Sarah 27) is like a cool slice of summer. There's lots of catchy jangle, and the added distortion sounds a lot like label mate Another Sunny Day at Harvey Williams' loudest. In a nutshell, the song is downright upbeat, but as the second song on the B-side of "Noah's Ark," it's as buried as a tune can be on a 7". In direct contrast to the sleeve of a beach, I'm sure it didn't help that the single was released in the winter either. Oh, well. That's Sarah, and I'm sure Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes weren't exactly thinking this was the one that would bring them fortune and fame. Still, I have always felt this was an opportunity squandered, but now it's a hit on my countdown!

Sadly, Matinée Recordings' wonderful compilation 'Singles 1989-1992' is now out of print, but I highly recommend trying secondary markets for that one. On a "brighter" note, you can still get 'Out to Sea,' which includes the 'Laurel' mini-album and many rarities. Absolutely essential.


The Swede said...

Never heard this before. What a great little tune.

Brian said...

Thanks Swede. Means a lot. Where has the time gone? You're already up to the mid-'80s over at your place. I'm impressed by your discipline pumping that series out.

The Swede said...

Tell me about it! When the series ends i'm looking forward to returning to two or three posts per week. That being said, I am really enjoying putting it all together.